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Janes: Fleet Command


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Don't think I've ever mentioned this one here. Watching the war on TV & looking at all the tactial command computer screens through the ever watchful eye of the media reminded me of a game I used to love losing too... Jane's Fleet Command.


Jane's is world reknowned for providing armchair generals with the ultimate in true-to-life simulation of all sorts of war machines big & small... from A-10 Warthogs to WWII prop planes to Navy fighter simulation. This game puts you in the chair of the Commanding Officer over fleets of warships in many, many different scenarios. You basically get your Aircraft Carriers, your Destroyers, some Submarines, all the goodies that come along with them, and one big globe to conqu- um... travel. The training & campaign scenarios are hard as hell & enjoyable... that is, if you're into the real-real-real time thing... This is so realtime it can be realtime boring unless you are a true diehard fan of war simulators. Time rolls along just as it does in real life... there are lots of times where your sitting around waiting for a sub to pop up or waiting for your Prowlers to come across a SAM site to blow up... it can drag


To me the game was still a blast. The graphics are incredible. Nothing is as awe inspiring as watching your Battleship launch TLAM's (Tomahawks) into an enemy city. The game truly makes you feel like your in some very dangerous situations, politically & militarily. Also, they have some special "Enforce the No Fly Zone" missions in Iraq which are fun. You get to see how equipped Saddam really was back in the day. Show him what an F-15 can really do!


+ Extremely accurate wartime simulation.


+ Incredible fleet graphics & detail for a large-scale sim. These types of simulations usually hog up CPU time just running the engine, graphics are usually on the backburner if any at all... but Jane's FC really excells in the graphics department.


+ Combat is a trip! The game really makes you feel like your in trouble & is a tough challenge to beat. Track & intercept incoming cruise missiles to keep your ships alive. Send squadrons of fighters in to take out military targets... you get it.


- Real-realtime. If the game says it takes 15 minutes to get from A to B... go take a shower or something, it will be a while.


- A little overwhelming at times. The computer can house you easily if you dont have your strategy straight.


- Requirements... this game is a power hog. You can run it w/ reduced graphics, but even that won't save your CPU from frying if there are too many planes on screen at once.


Lemme find some pics...

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