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Big Ol' Butt


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TO THE GIRLS OF DD... FREEBIRD'S GOT A BIG OL' BUTT to the beat of LL Cool J - Keisha's got a Big Ol' Butt



I was at the mall, checkin' out the movies.

Staring at the girlies with the big ol' booty's.

Bought a big pretzel, put alot of salt on it,

Turned & bought a soda, then decided to walk it.

That's when I seen her, headed my direction.

The way that girl walked straight gave me an erection.

I asked her for her name, her name was Michelle.

Don't ask me 'bout that booty, cause dog that booty's swell.

I whispered in her ear, "Mamasita, you the shit."

It brought out a smile... she gave me a kiss

on the cheek but just the feelin' made me want to pass out.

Invited her to dinner, and then to hang out.

Showed up at her house, quarter past 8.

I ask if she's hungry, she says she just ate.

Grabs me by my arm... rips off my shirt.

Made love all night 'til our whole body hurt.

I was spankin' her & thankin' her, chewin' her & doin' her.

Laughin' cause my girl didn't know that I was screwin' her

After 4 hours, rolled over fell asleep.

That girls booty makes a man go weak.

When I got home, my girl caught me by surprise.

She was real upset... looked me in the eyes.

That's when it happened, I couldnt' hold it in.

I had to let her know, that I'd do it again.


Cause Freebird's got a big ol butt.

I know I told you I'd be true.

But Freebird's got a big ol butt,

so I'm leaving you.

Freebird's got a big ol butt.

I know I told you I'd be true.

But Freebird's got a big ol butt,

so I'm leaving you.


::pass to IC::

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Haha...awright everyone's been quietly enjoyin the Chief/Cowboy battles but now its time to see what happens when we come together like Voltron & shit...ill keep our tribute to the ladies of Drunken Deities goin, hah...



{verse 2} - on Vixen.gif


Yo..i went to the high school about two o'clock

try to catch an indian straight ridin my jock

up in Chiefy's jeep, with the system blastin

joking bout Yahvne's hair and all laughin

cali bitches all over, the kind i adore

talkin "hella" this and all lookin to score

that's when i seen her, her name was Leah

she stepped to the ride with her big ol reah

I says to CS, "man, stop the jeep..."

she's only eighteen, but yo the girl dont sleep

start kickin the game, like an NFL punter

scopin out the rack like a big game hunter

I said to this chick, "damn them jeans look fitted

my name's the irish cowboy so why dont you let me hit it?"

i put her tattooed booty up on the bed

i gave her a smile, she gave me some head

then i said to miss leah "them lil boys aint shit...

you wanna get freaky? lemme lick that clit."

I lapped it & teased it and made her squeal,

whipped out the trojans & the irish steel

when i was done, wiped the sweat from her eyes,

went to the kitchen to nuke a burger & fries

Birdy busted in while i was eatin...

You know what i told her?

"Too bad ya caught me cheatin, but..."


Heartless got a big ole butt

I know - i told you i'd be true!

...but Bitch's got a big ol' butt

so I'm leaving you

You know, Leah's got a big ol' butt

i know; i told you i'd be true

...but Leah's got a big ol' butt

..so I'm leavin you...


:passes the mic back to Chief:

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PART 3!!! Def Goddess!! Shakira.gif



I went to hit Denny's for an appetizer sampler,

It's 5 in the mornin' but it really don't matter.

Niggaz is hungry, we spent all night drinkin',

but when we saw this girl, we all started thinkin'.

Something about this chicky really caught my eye

and my eye started dropping straight down to her thigh.

A cute white girl with some nice eye-liner.

And as I hit the bathroom, I crept up behind her.

Tapped her on the shoulder, gave her a grin.

She gave an angry look like she'd knock me on my chin.

I said "I'll take you on a platta"...

She said "You got a girl!", I said "It don't matta'!"

I said "Listen baby, don't get upset,

I was starin' at your booty & it made my pants wet."

Could it be the honesty? I cant' say,

10 minutes later, she was having her way.

My pants around my ankles, she gave it a peck.

It made me have a spasm all the way to my neck.

I had her in the Jeep, legs spread wide.

On that big booty, I took a free ride.

Buckin' like a Bronco, tried to hang on.

Head hit the roof, my vision was gone.

Two hours later, suspension worn out.

She said she had to pee, so I kicked her out.

Blew her a kiss as I drove from the diner,

having flashbacks of being up inside her.

Lauren was incredible, insatiable, deadly.

The way she worked that booty was completely unfriendly.

Walked into the house, looked at my watch.

I couldn't believe it was 8 o'clock.

There stood Leah, tappin' her feet.

I said, "Sorry ma', I tried to be discrete..."


But Lauren's got a big ol butt.

I know I told you I'd be true...

But Lauren's got a big ol butt

so I'm leaving you.

Goddess' got a big ol butt.

I know I told you I'd be true...

But Goddess' got a big ol butt

so I'm leaving you.


::pass to IC::

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{verse 4} - the finale...its from scracth so it it sucks, that's all my fault, not Chief's...





...So im done with Def, that booty's been destroyed

time to go hit the next indianoid

and what do ya know, right there she be,

takin some pictures round the univesity

introduced myself, while lookin at that fanny

I wanna grab the goods like my name was Danny

she says "my name is Dinghy", and yo she's dope

got a booty so wicked, I should call the pope

try to mack it to this chick, and run these ends

but gotta get her away from all her dumb friends

now im actin like ive even looked at the girl's face

and i grab her by the hand & say "come see my place"

first things first: the girl's a kissing whore

thought it might stop there, but yo the chick wants more

so now i'm ridin it, and stridin it, hittin it from the back

feenin for that booty like a junkie for crack

legs up in the air, hand stand with a twist

for real, i never even had it with a girl like this

she was callin out positions like i'm some kinda chump,

smacked her head against the backboard till it gave her a lump

starts moanin in arabic, made the scene all hot,

then she pointed at her nose, so i gave it a shot

got the kama sutra goin, then the shit's all done

so I rolled her ass over, said "now that was fun"

then i drive the girly home, and again I went to kiss her..

ran into Jumbie on the way.. "shit, was that yo sister?"


'cause Dinghy got a big ole butt

I know I told you i'd be true,

but Dignhy got a big ole butt...

so I'm leavin you

You know that Mariam got a big ol' butt

I know...I told you I'd be true.

but Mariam got a big ol' butt...

so i'm leavin you (see ya!)

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