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The Live at the Apollo forum has been Ozma-less for a shit long time so here it is..


the Ozma appreciation thread


"Who are these Ozmen?" (and woman) you ask. Well here's a quick synopsis:


Well, maybe not...Ozma are in fact a five piece uber-group from Pasadena, California. Although they're still young they've crafted some of the best songs that I've ever heard. Their songs are full of Back to the Future and Nintendo references which is always cool. "Lorraine" is about Lorraine Banes (later to become McFly) and probably the highlight of their work (for me at least) is "Natalie Portman" (guess who that one's about). They've been compared ALOT to Weezer, so that's what you're in for if you check these guys out, which you should because they're fucking legend. I'll be dragging my punk-ass up to the Village on the 27th to see 'em live (for the first time) and creaming in my jeans as they blast "Rocks". And that's what Ozma does rocks.


The Official Ozma Website

Ozma Mp3s

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Ozma fucking rules. I've seen em live 3 times, twice opening for weezer, and they are a damned fine live band. Best ozma moment ever/one of my best concert moments ever: They're playing warped tour to a really good audeince of fans, they get halfway through their 30 minute set and play "Eponine" an energetic sing-along fan favorite that they only play live. The chorus is easy enough that even those who'd never heard it are singing along at this point, the song hits the climax and immediately IT STARTS POURING! A huge grin appears on the singer's face as he belts out the chorus like he means it. They finish the rest of their set with the tetris theme and natalie portman, crowd going nuts the whole time in the pouring rain and mud. That was fuckin amazing.... dinghy was there too, but she's never on the board, but needless to say now she's an ozma fan.


Damned fine band. Another good one is "Coffee Shop Girl"

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Fuck you! You've seen 'em three times! I'm still waiting for my first (I'm going to see 'em in NY in 3 weeks) as they strangly enough don't play in Ireland too often...I can't wait. I've been loving 'em for ages now (and have converted many of my friends..). I even sent them a letter (how dorky is that), the first band I ever did, and got a reply from Daniel Brummel so that was all sorts of cool.

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