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Nowhere in Africa

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I found the one theater in miami playing this sucker, conveniently located next to FIU's biscayne bay campus so I decided to check it out. Very very good stuff. Nowhere in Africa is about a Jewish family in the late 1930's that escapes from germany and settles in Africa. It's generally about how they learn to live in the country and the families problems and struggles and all this. Sure, I don't think many of you all on the board dig this family drama stuff much, but if ya do at all, this handles it's characters really really well. The movie is very real, the characters are really complex, and don't behave the way you expect movie characters to. The photography is nuts, they have a beautiful country to work with and they take full advantage. So, basically, this movie is one of the subtler ones. Nothing flashy about it at all. The ocassional wankish moment if you're really cynical, but they handle everything very well (racial tolerance, beauty of the country, etc). It grew on me as I watched it, ended up caring for the characters and I just really got into it. So, I don't know about it winning an oscar, but as far as the other nominees I saw, it beats the shit out of "Crime of father amaro" the glorified soap opera, and was overall a fine movie. Catch it if you like the sound of a really good, subtle drama in an amazing setting. If you find this kind of thing boring, this movie wont convert you.

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Sounds excellent Junker I'll def have a look, see if i can find it.


I do happen to dig family drama stuff, especially in a foreign context. Have you seen 'Festen' (part of the Dogme movement) or 'The Son's Room' (Italian drama, probably the saddest film I have ever seen, bawled my eyes out)?

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No, but I really wanted to see son's room, it was playing an hour away from me for like a week, guess I'll have to rent it now. This one was really cool tho. The setting is somewhat similar to "Shanghai Ghetto" which was about Jews fleeing to Shanghai and trying to make a living there. Never saw that one tho.

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