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Just been to see this at my local indie cinema and rather enjoyed it. Definitely one of those films that even if you don't like how it was executed, the premise is enough to keep you interested.


The film basically revoloves around a few characters trying to make their way around in an underground betting circuit. Only, instead of playing with chips, they pit their luck against eachother, the stake being polaroids of people whos luck they have stolen. The more polaroids the greater your luck blah de blah.


The central characters are Fredrico, a once-upon-a-time player who had his skill taken from him by his mentor (played by an ever-excellent Max Von Sydow), and Tomas, who is shown the ropes by Fredrico after surviving a huge plane accident that mutilated all those around him as he still sat passed out in his seat amongst the wreckage.


There is much more to the film than I can ever talk about, plenty of other characters, each with their own agendas. There are some great scenes of the luck-gambling, including running through a forest with a blindfold either until you break your nose on a large oak, or everyone else does (implying they are less lucky).


Great performances, Max Von Sydow steals the show of course and the script is well formed. Only annoying thing is I think the film was done on a bit of a shoe-string budget and at times it shows with some occasionally annoying lighting or editing.


Definitely recommend this one, don't know bout its release in the US (any ideas?) but I think it should be in a few Brit cinemas around the country. :approve:

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