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Bruce allmighty

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It's bad enough that all kinds of violence and atrocity is commited in God's name... we don't need to add bad movies to the list! I expected this one to be a cool premise for Jim Carrey to return to comedy with. This movie didn't get creative with it's premise, it wasn't very funny, and it was preachier than a season worth of 7th Heaven. Bruce almighty is a wannabe Frank Capra fable (they even dare to include characters watching a scene from the infinitily better "It's a Wonderful Life" in it) about a newsman who's down on his luck and angry at god. After a pretty good amount of bitching, moaning and yelling at the sky, God (Morgan Freeman) decides to let him see if he can do better. Thus, Jim Carrey has God's power. The posibilities! Yeah.... Hilarity doesn't really ensue. There's a handfull of funny bits scattered here and there, but nothing to write home about. I think Jim Carrey is a funny guy and I'm generally a fan of his stuff, but here he's just kinda flailing around while the special effects try to tell jokes for him. He was used to MUCH better effect in Liar Liar (also by this director, Tom Shadyac) where his gift at physical comedy could be exploited. The movie just constantly jumps from stupid (but not necesarrily creative or funny stupid ala ace ventura & dumb and dumber) comedy to it's equally stupid, formulaic, overly sentimental plot. Anyways, a big budget and big star does not a good movie make. And good intentions don't go very far either. The movie means well enough and Carrey does what he can with the script , but halfway through I was praying that this shit would be over.

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Saw this one too. Wasn't worth my money, and if I had more stuff to do, I wouldn't have been worth my time. Wish I could have watched The Matrix Reloaded again. Oh well. Jim Carrey clearly still has the talent to be really funny, and he sort of is funny, it's just the movie that's not. I was hyped up about this movie because he was a real riot on Leno and Conan last week, the perfectly insane guest that refused to do anything like a standard guest. Oh well, bottom line, don't waste you money. If you have broadband and lots of free time, download it.

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