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This Summer's Lollapalooza

Reverend Jax

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Jane's Addiction's Perry Ferrell has put Lollapalooza back together and the like up looks pretty solid:


The Main Stage

The Newly Reformed Jane's Addiction



Queens of the Stone Age

Jurassic 5

A Perfect Circle

The Donnas

The Distillers


If System Of A Down could have found it's way onto this list, that would have been ideal, but it's too late for that. Oh well. And it was pretty nice of Metallica to form the Summer Sanitarium Tour so as to assure crappy acts like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park wouldn't be a part of Lollapalooza. If they could get Papa Roach to sign on, that would really help keep the riff raff out of the way.


I was under the impression that A Perfect Circle was side project that Tool's Maynard put together that when legal problems were delaying Tool from recording a new album. Evidently not. According to the Lollapalooza website, it's more than that. The websites discription:


A Perfect Circle is not a side project. A Perfect Circle is not a hobby for any of those involved. A Perfect Circle does not represent the end of anything. A Perfect Circle does not represent the beginning of anything. A Perfect Circle is not a religion. A Perfect Circle is not a political movement.


A Perfect Circle is the continuation and the furtherance of many extraordinary musical ideas. A Perfect Circle is a Los Angeles-based band formed at the end of the last decade by free-thinking individuals, each actively seeking to challenge themselves and their listeners through intense and provocative performance.


Anyway, it'd be sweet to see them. I guess Zwan will be on hiatus from touring or recording while Paz is touring with them.


Anyone going to this? IF you're in Mimai and going to the West Palm Beach show, looks like no A Perfect Circle, but all the other main stage acts will be, which is more that some cities will get.

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