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This thread died before its time.



Good movies you're not watching


Irish Cowboy ||10-15-2001| |08:26 PM|



Raging Bull - Among De Niro's best, violent but amazing acting.  Great boxing flick.

Requiem for a Dream - Unsettling, will stick with you

for a bit. An unhappy "Magnolia"

The Big Lebowski - Light-hearted fun with guns,

philosophy and bowling. For Yahven.

The Name of the Rose - Wisdom Vs Faith, with Connery on

wisdom's side. Excellent.

Looking for Richard - Watch Pacino & Kevin Spacey do Sheakspere.

Brazil - Better than "Clockwork Orange", in the same vein.

Breaker Morant - Britain had a Vietnam, in a war you

never heard of.

Run Lola Run - Not for everybody, but i like the theme of time.

Lonesome Dove - A TV series western of 4 episodes based

on the book. Robert Duvall & Tommy Lee Jones at their

best; amazing.

The Shootist - Watch The Duke in his last

performance...vulnerable.  With Jimmy Stewart to boot.

Micheal Collins - Liam Neeson & Alan Rickman as heroes

of the Irish Republican Army.  If you dig Neeson &

"Braveheart", try "Rob Roy"

Sling Blade - Billy Bob Thorton in a tale of a retarded

man and justice.  damn impresive.

Yojimbo - Later remade as "Fistfull of Dollars" (one of

the best) and then "Last Man Standing".  Come see

legendary Kurosawa's ("Seven Samurai") originator.

Mr Smith goes to Washington - A young, idealistic Jimmy

Stewart. Great if you go for politics & Americana.

Dr Strangelove - A dark war comedy that everyone should

see. Fuckin hilarious.

Papillon - Steve McQueen (another American Badass) and

Dustin Hoffman in the only prison movie better than "The

Great Escape", tho "Shawshank" is close.  Also try

Hoffman in "Little Big Man" for a Forrest Gump of the

West.  Good stuff.

There's plenty of others, but there ya go.

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