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007 - Everything or Nothing

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Everyone knows that 007: GoldenEye was the best James Bond game ever - in fact, one of the best FPS ever. The followups were mediocre at best, and often just poor. But that started turning around when EA Games got ahold of the franchise. Their first Bond game - Agent Under Fire - was a fun little FPS with decent levels, and some nice cutscenes. They followed it up with the much better Nightfire which had everything you could expect from a Bond movie - gunplay, fast cars, gadgets, women, exotic locations, and even a great artisticly rendered theme song. It also had a first for any Bond videogame - Pierce Brosnan's likeness. Though they couldn't get him to do the voice, it was still undeniably fun watching a digital Pierce Brosnan kick ass in the cutscenes.


Nightfire Pierce Brosnan



But this holiday season, EA is releasing Everything Or Nothing, a game that looks like it could possible take the Best Bond crown away from GoldenEye. One of the biggest changes is that for the first time on a next generation console, you are taken out of Bond's head as the gameplay switches to the third-person.




The levels and gameplay look even more varied than Agent Under Fire or Nightfire.





And the digitzed Pierce Brosnan looks even better than before.





But this time, it's not just his face. Pierce Brosnan also provides the voice-over for Bond. And he's supported by an all-star cast of voices (all of whom will also be turned into a cg character and put into the game) - including Judi Dench and John Cleese reprising their roles of M and Q, respectively. Richard Kiel playing Jaws.


Brand new Bond girls Heidi Klum and Shannon Elizabeth (I can't wait to see a 3D model of Shannon Elizabeth) and Willem Dafoe as the villain Nikolai Diavolo.


Look for Bond to return to consoles this winter.

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