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Death to Smoochy

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I caught the sneak preview at FIU.  It was how can I say this...seriously dark but really funny.  Just the whole smoochness of the movie and Norton wow... don't have the words.  

  Robin Williams plays the insane Raibow Randal...great charater.  Who directed this movie?  For all you fans you've got to catch this one.

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I've got to see this one, the trailer looked great.  The reviews aren't that good, but they're the kind of reviews I disagree with before I've even seen the movie.  "Too much cursing, too off the wall blah blah blah"  Oh, and to answer your question, Danny Devito directed it.

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Saw this today (after calling ya irish, you were MIA), it was great.  Dark, dark comedy about the perils of the children's entertainment business.  Once you see a scene where parents are giving Rainbow Randal a breifcase full of money so their kid "dances up front" you know the movie's gonna be a trip.  I don't know why this got bad reviews, it seems hard to take a movie like this seriously.  Norton is great as usual, and Williams seems to be making a cool comeback with this twisted character and his next movie with pacino.  So, yeah, i second this reccomendation, really fun movie.

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