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Here's the next one on my trade list to pick up; just thought id share a bit, see if anyone else knew more bout it...lookin good so far.


"In 1953 Hawaii, the supernatural manifestations of the islands' myths and legends lie just around every corner.

Exiled stateside detective Byrd finds himself immersed in a dark paradise of exotic bar girls, murdered beauties, and high speed chases along the scenic Hawaiian coast, and the mysterious Night Marchers of the Pali Highway.


The psychic Madame Chan, the eccentric but deadly Bishop Masaki and a restless corpse complete the mix in this introductory slice of tropical noir.


This book collects all three issues of the most critically acclaimed mini-series of the year.


Includes the Hawaiian Dick promotional comic strips, which appeared exclusively on the Image Comics website.


Also contains unpublished promotional art, concept sketches, pin-ups, drink recipes, background information on the main characters, and plenty of brand new material from Griffin and Moore. "


$10.47 at Amazon with free shipping


Bonus! I found a way to get a free copy, but you really gotta be bored & have some time. Check it out, courtesy of Gray Haven Magazine...


"Feeling left out that everyone's become a part of the Tiki culture but you? Well now you too can be one with the spirit of the islands. Just photograph yourself demonstrating your "Hawaiian spirit" in some way, whatever way you choose, and mail it in to ghmeditor01@yahoo.com before Oct. 20. One lucky winner will be chosen by the creative team behind Hawaiian Dick, B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin, as well as the writer of this column, to receive a signed copy of the Hawaiian Dick TPB, a recent A+ Graphic Novel here at GrayHaven. "



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