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Well, "Pic o' the Week" wasnt for everybody, so it's become "Pic o' whenever" basically, and i do intend to add more to it, especially after I get scanned work from more board members. But, I would really like to draw some attention to Alex Maleev, a phenomenal artist who deserves more attention than he's getting.

At the moment, he's not on Daredevil for another few months - David Mack (Kabuki) is at the helm, and chances are he'll get a tread too, because he may very well be an insane genius.

Maleev, however, as stated before, is a Bulgarian painter. Growing up, he admired the works of classic artists such as Rembrandt, and learned much of his detail & style from them, going unexposed to the field of comics until much later in his life. It shows - his paintings are vivid, and while some contain a "grainy" feel to them, they masterfully fit Brian Michael Bendis' writings, and as a matter of fact, they're good friends; Maleev frequent's Bendis' board, hence why I have art here that won't be seen for months to come.

I'll admit that some feel he's not the guy for action scenes. His stills, however, are detailed and breathtaking, and i personally feel he convicts a great deal more emotion from characters like Daredevil than any McFarlane - or even Quesada - ever would. More a human artist than superhuman, his style is working extremely well on a mainstream title, and I personally think I havent seen anyone draw rain nearly as well as he. Take a look & share your thoughts.


Unreleased (yet) art - Daredevil # 57 preview, from the man himself




(my current background - look at the rain effects, for cryin out loud)




Murdock with his cane as a katana...I cant way to see what they have in mind.




More excellent DD, even better rain




In addition to my pic-o-the-week, here's another fine Spider-Man.


Here's a site with his comission work - Batman, Thor, Superman, and The Crow!

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