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SAG awards

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From the NYTimes.com:


Crowe and Berry Win Actors Guild Honors






LOS ANGELES, March 10 — Russell Crowe was named best actor today at the Screen Actors Guild Awards for portraying a schizophrenic mathematician in "A Beautiful Mind," and Halle Berry was named best actress for her role as the widow of an executed inmate in "Monster's Ball."


Last year, Mr. Crowe won the Academy Award for best actor for "Gladiator." If he wins for "A Beautiful Mind," he would be the first person to win two straight best-actor Oscars since Tom Hanks won for "Philadelphia" and "Forrest Gump" in 1993 and 1994.


The guild awards provide a glimpse at how the Oscars might shake out on March 24. In SAG's seven previous awards shows, 11 of 14 lead-actor recipients went on to win Oscars. The SAG awards, voted on by the union's 98,000 members, are given in five film and eight television categories.


Ian McKellen won the supporting- actor honor for portraying the wizard Gandalf in "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring." Helen Mirren took the supporting- actress prize as a coolly efficient housekeeper in "Gosford Park."


The acting honors closed the last weekend of awards before the Oscars. On Saturday, Ron Howard won the top award from the Directors Guild of America for "A Beautiful Mind." The Directors Guild winner has won the Oscar 49 out of 54 times.




Jumbie's note: The academy of motion picture sciences is made up mostly of actors. So the SAG awards are a good indicator of the how most of the academy voted.

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Hmm, pretty much what I've expected so far... except for best supporting actress, I'd htough Jennifer Conelly would take it.  I'm glad Berry got best actress, she really did a great job in Monster's Ball, I'm pullin' for her to win the Oscar.  As much as Crowe deserves to win best actor, I just think that it stinks that he gets two in a row when by no stretch of the imagination did he deserve one for gladiator.  He should be forced to exchange the gladiator one for a Beautiful mind one....

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