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Jason went to hell, but now he's back?!?! Well, New Line Cinema is releasing this one April 26th, this year. It should be cool, and I definitely wanna see it. I'll probably try to drag Andrea along with me. I liked the Friday the 13th series, and I own about half the series, and I did have Jason goes to hell. My tapes are up in NH. Maybe we could set up a little Dork/Friday the 13th party. I could have my tapes sent down, and we could buy(I'm willing to just buy 'em myself) or rent the ones I don't have, then we could go and see the new one. Maybe I should post a copy of this in Stonehenge.... Anyways, let me know what you all think of this idea.  :D


Premise: In the year 2455, long after humanity has abandoned Earth as a lifeless planet, an expedition of archaeological students discovers a research facility where two people are cryogenically frozen: one a young woman, the other a large male in a strange mask. The ice begins to thaw, and so the students bring the bodies back to their spaceship, having no idea what they just unleashed on the future... and of course, on themselves: Jason.


Website Official New Line Cinema Jason X Website

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eh... I don't know... that trailer doesn't make me wanna run out and see it.  Of what I remember of the other jason movies, they were kinda suspenseful and atmospheric, it looks like they're doing away with that for fancy special effects in this one.  I'd give this one a chance, but april 26 is a no go for me cause of Zeta's Bonzai concert.  I'm interested in what the others think of this... I don't we have too many slasher flick fans on here, maybe I'll be surprised.

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