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This isn't exactly breaking news. If you go to LOTR fan sites, it's been known about for a while, but it's still important to spread around. In case you all did know, the LOTR will do an evil regular edition release followed months later by a special edition release. Don't be fooled by the DVD package. The real special edition, with 30 minutes of footage put back into the film itself on top of the incredible about of special features, will be 4 DVDs, while the regular edition will be 2 DVDs. This is the first single feature length film I've heard of coming in 4 DVDs (I was impressed when ID4 was released in 2 discs, I think it was the first DVD too do that). So buy the 2-disc set if you want, but be aware of the other one. I myself am holding out for the special edition. I think it's important for people to know if they don't already.

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It's not that I'm taking it to seriously. I hate it when ANY movie is released on DVD only to be released again a few months later in a special edition. The people who really want the special features probably bought the regular one already. It's is evil. Pure  :D you hear me?

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