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Alright, folks, by now, everyone who I'm gonna allow to do so, should have permission to upload pics from their hard drive to this board, via the bottom of your post (its a new box below where you'd type to reply to this.)


For now, while we have room, im allowing it, at a max of 250 KB, which is really generous. This is for member pics, art, etc so please dont abuse it too much. Also, if i find too many of our hosted pics are used at other sites, ill have to disable hotlinking (you know, its what happens when we try to put pics from some other guy's site, and a red x shows up instead?)...i just dont want us to diminish oure new speed.


So, since ill be out of town, i hope members will feel free to upload their own pics if need be...again, if youve got your own server, help out where you can, but if not, at least members have a place to post their stuff, and dont have to wait till im around. Enjoy! :D


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