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Changing Lanes Review

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For those of you who don't know, the idea behind Changing Lanes is that there are these two guys, and they get into a conflict after a car crash and keep gettign back at each other through the course of what becomes one of the worse days of their life. While that's not incredibly original, the 'twist', i you will, behind the story is that both characters are equally the protaganists and you will like them both as much as you hate them both, and you can sort of root for either one as they both have their villianous dispisable sides: alcoholic, deadbeat father, all around bum vs wall street lawyer (nuff said), and they both have their strong likable sides :trying to win his wife back and be a good father, stretches himself thin to buy a house for his family, goes clean vs unaware of lawfirm's evil intentions, good guy at heart, tries to do the right thing.


***Spoilers Ahead***


My major problem was that teh trailer had me excited for a flim in which these two guy would just keep push and push each other until they had completely distroyed each other's lives beyond repair and possibly killed each other. But they evidently cooled it down, made peace and helped each other out and fixed their lives. Really mushy stuff and a big disappointment. If you've ever seen Election, you know how the movie has this momentum with Mr MacAllister's (Matthew Broderick) live just getting destroyed until the end when his whole life is in the shitter. This movie had that sort of momentum, but then it was totally ruined by the mushy happy ending. Oh well. Not all bad though, just bad when the last thing you've seen since then was Spider-Man (once again, if you haven't seen Spider-Man, get up and go now, and if you're in Europe and it hasn't been releases, sorry, but do see it as soon as possible). Anyway, Changing Lanes is a good flick if you've already seen Spider-Man five times and Star Wars hasn't come out yet :D


Wow! I just realized how long it's been since I wasn't cynical about a comic book movie, it's almost strange to think of one as being good, I'm so used to them being bad. I almost feel like I should think it's bad, but I know it's not.

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Eh, I saw it because I had to wait a couple of hours for a friend to get out of work a few weeks ago.  It was pretty good.  Nothing special, but good.  I never got the impression that they were going to try to ruin each other's lives completely.  I thought the trailer made it obvious that it was going to be a moral tale and whatnot.  I figure, if you thought the trailer was interesting enough to go see the movie, you'll like it.  If you're not interested in it, you won't like it anyway.  I thought it was good, but this came out quite a while ago, when there were NO good movies out for a week or two.  Now there's no reason to see it, there's Spidey, Pantaleon, Hollywood ending... you might as well not bother with this one now, but if you've seen all there is to see, Changing lanes wasnt bad at all.  Sure, you know what to expect, but it's fun to see it all play out.




I liked Affleck's ending, but I thought Jackson's was forced, they just needed to make it happy somehow.

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