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New Benigni Project: The Tiger And The Snow

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The Tiger And The Snow


Evidently, it's taking almost the exact same formula as La Vita e' Bella (Life is Beautiful) with a backdrop of the current Iraqi War instead of World War II. Normally, I cannot applaud a filmmaker for deciding to stick to a previous formula that he made work, but in this case....


1) La Vita e' Bella was very different take on a war we've probably had more movie made about than any other event.


2) Besides being radically different, La Vita e' Bella worked really well, and if not done correctly, would have been disgustingly bad.


3) This take on war hasn't been done much, if at all, since Benigni did it.


4) Most importantly, we saw what happen when Benigni tried to spread his wings in Pinocchio....

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