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Stealing flash files


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1) Get to the page where the actual flash movie loads.

2) From your browser toolbar, select View Source. This will open up a simple text document of the .html code you're looking at.

3) Search for a path that ends in .swf (shockwave file)... like "crap.com/movies/shockwave/thiscrap.swf" That's the actual path to the file on their server. Normally, flash won't let you download the actual file, just watch the video. But, after finding the path, highlight the entire path and copy it (without quotes).

4) Open WORD.

5) Paste the link in WORD.

6) From the toolbar, select Web Page Preview. This will generate a .html file local to your PC, not on the net. Right click on the link on the web page preview... save as... viola!

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