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I'd had this Image tale (by Arvid Nelson & Eric Johnson) recommended to me, and just read the series, which is right now up to its 12th issue...great stuff. From Amazon:


Rex Mundi is a quest for the Holy Grail told as a murder mystery. It is a tale of sin, murder and redemption in an alternate-history Paris where magic is real and the Catholic Church never lost its grip on power. This critically acclaimed volume follows Doctor Julien Sauniere as he investigates the theft of a medieval scroll from a Paris church. He stumbles onto a series of horrific ritual murders and an ancient secret society somehow connected to the mysterious scroll. They must not slip back into the shadows, or they will kill again...


A fan review:


I have bought and read comic issues #0 thru #11 and I am hooked! This is a great comic series with impressive art (in a 30's noir style) ala Casablanca. It is set in an alternate historical Earth in which the American Civil War ended in a stalemate and in which Europe continues to dominate world and colonial affairs. Amidst this engrossing melieu enters a doctor who begins to uncover the mystery of the San' greal or the Holy Grail. For those who have enjoyed "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" and "Da Vinci Code" this will be a worthy addition to grail lore. It draws heavily on the historical Crusades, the Knights Templar and the Catholic Inquisition. It is fast paced and well drawn and colored and I promise you that you'll enjoy every turn of the page.


This pretty much sets it up....another related book might be Alan Moore's From Hell, also.


The website for Rex Mundi is perhaps one of the most extensive ive seen for a comic; you can read entire subplot comics there, and if youre interested, the entire first issue can be read online for free.

If that's not enough, the first five pages of issues 1-4 can be read here, as well. Why all the free stuff? Cause once you see the site - and read the book, finding all the stuff the writer puts up there to interact with his fans - youll see its a really interesting story that not enough people are hearing about.


Again, to tie it up: fans of magic, mystery, noir, Templar Knights, the Inquisition, church history & fiction, all of it, really owe it to themselves to check it out, and the trade's only $10 at Amazon.





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This book's still a relatively unkonw, which is a shame, cause its 2nd and current volume is even better. Again, fans of the Da Vinci Code and Indiana Jones should really check this one out....the last few issues have seen the true nature of the Holy Grail, the lost book of Judas, the truth of Jesus' descendants and a lot of other great ideas. Hopefully, itll get the attention it deserves over at Dark Horse.


Dark Horse is pleased to announce that the acclaimed murder mystery series Rex Mundi will be coming from Image to Dark Horse this fall. Rex Mundi is a quest for the Holy Grail told as a tale of sin, murder, and redemption in an alternate-history Europe where magic is real and the Catholic Church never lost its grip on power.


“I first read Rex Mundi when the series creator Arvid Nelson sent me the collections last year,” commented editor Scott Allie. “I devoured the stuff. Arvid has a massive plan for this series—he’s taking his time telling an involved story in a way that you don’t often see in American comics, and the payoff is going to be well worth the buildup.”


“Switching publishers is a big change for me, it’s huge,” remarked Arvid Nelson. “Dark Horse has given me an incredible opportunity, and I want to take full advantage of it. I’m scared and excited all at the same time. I feel like a little schoolgirl.”


Current Rex Mundi publisher Image will continue the series up through issue #18 with the first Dark Horse issue arriving in August. The last six issues of Image’s run will be collected by Dark Horse and released in September, followed by reprints of the two previous Image collections. Rex Mundi features art by Juan Ferreyra and the first Dark Horse issue will feature a cover by JH Williams III. (Promethea)


A Rex Mundi feature film is in the works through Dark Horse Entertainment.


Check for publishing updates on Rex Mundi at darkhorse.com and film developments at dhentertainment.com.

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