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Soulwax - 'Any Minute Now'

King of Snake

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...dont often get a chance to use the phrase 'Belgium's finest' but in this case it's justified.


The DeWaele brothers take a break from pumping out their line of '2 many DJs' and 'As heard on Radio Soulwax' mix albums (they're the ones originally responsible for a lot of these Strokes vs Aguilera, Nirvana vs Destiny's Child mixes) to get their instruments out again *snigger* to put out their first original album since 99's 'Much Against Everyone's Advice'.


Haven't got a hold of this one yet since it's Christmas and money's a bit tight but there's been two singles released so far. 'Any Minute Now' came out a coupla months back and was admittedly catchy but average, but new single 'E-Talking' is out soon, rock with a blistering dirty electro bassline. The video's pretty good too and is available to watch on their website, found here. For some reason it seemed to take quite a while to load up but that coulda just been my PC acting up.


Anyway, here's what someone else had to say:

Soulwax release their highly anticipated new studio album 'Any Minute Now' which is destined to follow in the success of the widely acclaimed 'Much Against Everyone’s Advice'. The album (recorded in London, New York, & at their home studio in Ghent), was predominantly produced by Flood (Smashing Pumpkins, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey,U2, Nine Inch Nails), & mixed with Alan Moulder (Depeche Mode, Yeah Yeah Yeahs). With track titles include 'Any Minute Now', 'YYY/NNN', 'The Truth Is So Boring', 'Compute', 'E talking' & 'Please Don't Be Yourself', this album is a classic in the making. Many know The Dewaele Brothers for their 2 Many DJs alter-ego; their mix compilation 'As heard on Radio Soulwax Part 2'. 'Any Minute Now' offers the fans an insight into the wider world of Soulwax. In a world dominated by genres & labels, Soulwax have meticulously & painstakingly made a record that sounds like nothing else. It is sure to be one of 2004 most defining releases.
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I haven't picked this up yet either but really want to. Much against everyone's advice was a cracking album.


I haven't heard any of the singles KoS, but will take a look at the vid when I get the chance.


2 Many DJ's was a good project but about time they got back to making another album as Soulwax. Just wondering though if they've left it too late, with the departure of Steve Lamacq and John Peel leaving us spelling the end of indie. Then again their new stuff might sound different.

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