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  1. Aw, you're not foolin anybody, Dave - get on back! You missed Lizard.

  2. For the record here's the current rankings for the teams in it... 1 Brazil 2 Czech Republic 3 Netherlands 4 Mexico 5 USA 5 Spain 7 Portugal 8 France 9 Argentina 10 England 13 Italy 16 Sweden 18 Japan 19 Germany 21 Tunisia 23 Iran 23 Croatia 26 Costa Rica 29 Poland 29 South Korea 32 Ivory Coast 33 Paraguay 34 Saudi Arabia 35 Switzerland 39 Ecuador 42 Australia 44 Serbia and Montenegro 45 Ukraine 47 Trinidad and Tobago 48 Ghana 57 Angola 61 Togo
  3. Robben looked handy today but I think Holland will struggle at the back against Ivory Coast and the Argies, should have just enough to get out of the group though. Been a decent World Cup so far, just wish the Irish could've made it.
  4. If you're on AIM I can send you a remix of Starslight all vocodered up that I found, you should like it.
  5. You might like ¬°Forward Russia! Not got their album yet but it's one of the next on a pretty short list.
  6. Don't know about the comics and I haven't been watching religiously or anything but this most recent series has upped its game. This season has seen James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) as Brainiac nearly get Clark to release Zod, Lex developing as an all round nasty bastard and the death of a very major character. The main problem I'd had with Superman in the past was his apparent indestructability, hard to really care about someone who can't be hurt much let alone killed but Tom Welling plays the part well, giving him a finding his feet emotional frailty, which makes him a much more watchable c
  7. Everyone remembers the infamous , but he scored that game was fucking awesome. PS: Ronaldinho's top 10 goals
  8. Here you go, Cibo Matto - Sugar Water, one of Gondry's best, the Gondry DVD that came out is highly recommended, it shows how he planned it but it's still quite the headfuck. Some other great Gondry vids: The classic Foo Fighters - Everlong, still one of my favourite videos ever. Gondry's new movie The Science of Sleep is supposed to expand on the idea so I can't wait. Daft Punk - Around the World, kinda subliminally good, the secret being that each group of dancers are a different instrument track (guitar track = skeleton, tall guys = bassline, etc). Kylie Minogue - Come Into
  9. Jean Francois Coen - La Tour De Pise One of Michel Gondry's most subtle videos, a simple idea but visually haunting in it's way. Gondry shot footage of neon signs and such around France and edited them together to match the lyrics of the song. Some knowledge of French helps but not essential.
  10. Norway's finest (outside of A-ha) Royksopp - Remind Me Royksopp RemindMe Video
  11. "For me the supreme McGrath moment came against QPR at Villa Park. Their forward was through, one on one with Nigel Spink. There's no way McGrath can get a tackle in without giving away a penalty. Except that he does, and not only does he stop the attack but he comes out with the ball and lays it off for a Villa player, McGrath clenches his fist, you can see him muttering "yesss" to himself, knowing the bit of magic he'd brought off. And as one, the crowd, both Villa and Rangers supporters, rise to acclaim something special."
  12. [edit: all heed the word of Jont] Nah, comics have a limited life span, you might think you're preserving them in plastic, but all you're doing is burying them alive.
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