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  1. Aw, you're not foolin anybody, Dave - get on back! You missed Lizard.

  2. I'm still not really a fan of light rock like this but 'Keane - Hopes and Fears' and 'Snow Patrol - Final Straw' are probably more like Coldplay's first album than Coldplay themselves, at least from what little I've heard of them.
  3. Just saw a guest checking this thread, got a dead link but I think this is the same thing: http://guggemand.dk.nyud.net:8090/flash/psychic.swf Figured it but good link though.
  4. Unfortunately I'm a super taster, it means I can only really go for bland plain foods, anything with too many flavours going on at once is overpowering to me. The worst for me is mayo, even the slightest taste gets me barfing. Still though I get more flavour from the bland shit I eat than others...
  5. So are tater tots what I'd call croquettes? Just saw Napoleon Dynamite and that's what they looked like. PS: I don't like ketchup, but then I don't like much...
  6. I liked to think that the sunken Hyrule King could've been original Link...
  7. I don't remember the ending either, the final blow was indeed badass, but I can't recall an ending travesty?
  8. "This is where I kill the dancer....watch the MC kill the dancer....I'm gonna kill the fucking dancer....Death of the Prodigy Dancer....CALL CALL CALL IT OUT!!" Good one SoF! Rocket from the Crypt - Paint as a Fragrance
  9. If you like blues, you should check out Blueshammer!! :P
  10. Haha, this is me: And the three I got wrong, two of them I rushed through and didn't read right (16 and 26, I rotated the original image, I should have rotated the choices) and 17, I just didn't spot the obvious...after seeing my mistakes I felt like cheating but the damn thing won't allow it! Still, I reckon that's the figure to beat...if you can!!
  11. Off the top of my head... Bands: Joan of Arse Slutfucker Godspeed You Black Emperor! Albums: Let's get killed (David Holmes) Levez vos skinny fists comme antennas to heaven (Godspeed YBE!) Live from Camp X-ray (Rocket From The Crypt) Veni Vidi Vicious (The Hives)
  12. Dude, remember that CD I gave you in Sheffield, it's got a full Foos acoustic set bootleg (amongst a shitload of other things), check it out! I have to vote for Everlong, kickass song, kickass acoustic, kickass video! My next favorites'd be Big Me and Learn to Fly, but Everlong gets it for the surreal shit, giant phones, the legs/logs dream bit, the nunchucks!
  13. Not too bad a movie, Del Toro and (surprisingly) Phillipe make a good team, gunfights were good, don't remember too much from it but I remember enjoying it all the same.
  14. Hahahahaha, Ireland's gift to the culinary world, don't mind your mother, I've been Irish for the last 25 years and I've NEVER eaten corned beef and cabbage, seperately from time to time but never together, your mom's fuckin' with you!
  15. {this is the voice of Jont speaking} And they say there's never been a good movie based on a game. Third from the bottom.
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