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Here's the bio from the site:


On the eighth day, God created Emocapella. And it was good...


Emocapella is a hard working all-male college a cappella group that sings songs by artists such as Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat World, and The Weakerthans. We sing mostly punk rock songs, but we also do a few other numbers, such as "Just a Friend" by Biz Markie. And yeah, we spell it with one "p"...


Emocapella is the brainchild of George Washington University senior Eric Denman, who wanted to form an a cappella group that strayed from performing typical "a cappella numbers" and sing some good songs by some of our favorite bands. Emocapella has been together since Fall of 2001 and since then has had an amazing time.


After getting picked up by a few punk webzines, we soon found ourselves getting mentioned in national publications such as Spin Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and Britian's Kerrang Music Magazine. We also found ourselves singing on stage with one of our favorite groups, Taking Back Sunday, when they played in Washington DC, which was one of our most amazing experiences together. Last spring Emocapella was named the best performance group on GW's campus by the Student Association for 2003.


Recently, we recorded and released our debut album, I’m Sorry. The album features 11 songs, including the first ever emocapella original. It is currently available online at smartpunk.com. We recommend you go pick it up today.


Another unique aspect of our group is our shows. Don't expect the typical a capella campus concert... we rock out. We usually try to load our shows with amusing sideshow elements and a hefty amount of rock jumps. We also invented what we call Guerillacapella. Essentially this means going out to a random spot on campus or wherever, and singing our hearts out for whoever passes by. We usually do this a bunch of times during a semester, and people seem to enjoy it.


Many of the founding members are going into their last semester with the group, so we’ll be making the best of it and having as much fun as possible. Look for our next show around DC and hopefully a spring tour in 2004.


Check out the media part of the site, got some vids from live performances. Being an emo fan, I love watching the songs interpretted in a different way. Enjoy.

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