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A Lot Like Love

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Well Hunny & I just got home from seeing this movie. And suprisingly, we both loved it. Starring Amanda Peet & Ashton Moore, er, um...Kutcher, we were totally into it from the beginning.


I had read that it was like Serendipity but with sex, and it is...I really liked it.


Anyone else catch this one???

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From the responses I'd say the Hondoians would rather catch the syph...


Y'know, I don't wanna hate but I don't think I could sit through "A Lot Like Love" and I have no shame in my rom-com watching. I can't get enough of the part when they all sing at the dinner table in "My Best Friend's Wedding"...that being said Ashton Coochie...I dunno.


I can't see myself...actually I KNOW for a fact that I'm not gonna go see it in the movies but I promise (and you can hold me to this) that I'll check it out on DVD...sweet Blockbuster movie pass... :D

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