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  1. I have the 10th Doctor & She-Ra, Benz has the 4th Doctor, He-Man & Tom Brady... I love these things!
  2. We started watching two seasons ago but recently started watching the episodes beginning with Christopher Eccleston...I might get lynched for this -- but I don't care for Rose one bit and I can barely stomach that incarnation of The Doctor...Three more episodes to go for that season, I believe... Saw Captain Jack for the first time and...<SWOON> If I didn't know he was gay in real life--(I've been following him on FB for a few months now)--I'd be devastated to find out!
  3. Wow, I didn't even remember starting this topic and, of course, it took over two years to get a response... I love Locked Out of Heaven...I also dig Treasure. I like his schtick...liked it since that Grammy performance I mentioned up above.
  4. Funny thing about that one was it was the surprise grab-bag one...
  5. We buy from Teefury regularly...these are a few more added to our arsenal... Mine: Ben:
  6. Aartemys


    Made this last night for supper...super yum. "Meatball Sub" Bake 2 cans Pillsbury biscuits 20 frozen meatballs 1 C shredded Italian cheese 1 jar pizza sauce preheat oven to 375 spray a fluted pan with non-stick cooking spray heat meatballs in microwave for about 1 minute to take the chill off open canned biscuits and pull them apart. you should have 20 in total pour a bit of sauce into pan just enough to cover the bottom grab a biscuit and wrap it around the meatball making a dough ball. place seam side down into pan. repeat with other 19 meatballs and dough pieces. top wi
  7. Super excited for this. I didn't watch the first movie when it came out and only saw it after reading the books and seeing the trailer for the 2nd one. Here comes the usual shpeal (sp?) -- book was better. But I can see why they did some of the things they did in the movie as opposed to what the books had. With that being said, I can't wait for this one to come out. I still, however, kept asking myself how they will be able to put some of the stuff on screen and keep a PG rating...
  8. Have a fabulous day, beautiful!

  9. Man, I should definitely post all of Ben & my Teefury shirts...it's becoming a steady collection... In no particular order, here are the ones we've gotten this year...some are mine, some are Ben's and some we each got... We also got this one for Gonzy for Christmas: And this one for Dark Kannigit for Christmas:
  10. I enjoyed it. I have read the LOTR Trilogy as well as The Silmarilion, but never read The Hobbit. I went without any expectation. I loved that it took me back to Middle Earth and reminded me how much I love LOTR (I've decided to watch the trilogy on New Years). Good movie and, of course, visually stunning.
  11. Is anyone still playing?
  12. You can have elk burgers when you come visit us -- we have them every so often. I'm still loving that shawarma we ate in Montreal...need to find a place closer!!
  13. Technically yes. I caught a bit of another one earlier in the day since they were doing a marathon...but it was the first one I have ever watched in its entirety,
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