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Your ideal Music Video


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A fond pastime of mine is to make up a music video in my head for songs as I listen to them. Especially when I used to ride the bus to school, I was always one of the firsts ones on, and in the afternoons the one of the last ones off. So what do you do when you're stuck on a bus for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon? Listen to music and make music videos! Another pastime of mine (which really has nothing to do with the thread) would be to pick out one instrument from the song and focus in on it. But back to the MV part.

Also, when I would sit in my room (or these days on the computer) I could sit there for hours just listening to music and put made up music videos to whole albums.

I know I'm not the only one who does this (haha doooooowe) but I thought it would be neat to hear other people's ideas for the ideal music video to a particular song they like.


I'm going to start with mine in the next post


ps issues of Money or "could that really happen" shouldn't be tie down what you see going on in your head. Whethter it could happen or not doesn't matter.

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I picture this when I listen to Light and Magic (the song) by Ladytron:


The sky is going to night and day and sped up really fast. I'm not sure what you call it, but kinda like when they show a flower bloom and die really fast (god it's on the tip of my fucking tongue). But just the sky. The surroundings and the people and cars etc are going extremely slow, like everything is underwater. Hair and stuff is moving just like they are underwater.

Start the song and the scene from the sky and progressively come down to a street with people. It focuses in on the main person of our video: Helen from Ladytron right when the lyrics start



......annnnnnd I gotta go somewhere actually but I'll continue on it later!

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cool, oh, and the speedy thing is time-lapse.


Hmm, this is a cool thread Idea, unfortnately, for now, whenever I think of any song, all I can picture is the band members playing in an airport, on those moving walkways and stuff like that with the camera rolling past em.

I'll join in on this when I get more creative!

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