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Genji: Dawn of The Samurai


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Genji: Dawn of The Samurai

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment

Platform: PS2

Category: Action- Adventure


Official Site (Teaser-Trailer loads on main screen)




Picked up this puppy just this morning -


Now, lets talk about what happens when you bring a Japanese game to the States. There are two major ways that you can translate the game for the locals. You can dub the game over with voice actors or you use subtitles and leave the original voices. This game has chosen to go the path of subtitles and I couldn’t be happier. Now who says being a ninja doesn't kick ass?


You really loose a lot when you try to lay voices overtop of animations, let alone the inflection. What this means to you is that you will have to do some reading, but it will be worth it.


What about the game itself? I perosnally think its kick-ass. I'm dying to play Ninja Gaiden Black but this really cool. It almost has a "Soul Reaver" and "Onimusha" type feel to it but different in its on right as well.


You will be able to choose which character you want to play as, equip each of them with an array of weapons and armor. I was able to play as many different and diverse characters, both male and female ninjas. There are so may that if you will not be able to play certain characters - I’m willing to bet it will come into play even more so in the story line. The storyline is conveyed through a series of fairly well rendered cut-scenes and the plot's pretty solid. The music is a nice mix of action film meets ancient japan and the score fits the game well.


I give it 4/5 Pimps...





- Screens-















-Game Features-


Intense 3D action-adventure gameplay based on authentic swordplay, motion-captured movements and precise enemies.


Robust Enhancement System: Extensive weapon, armor, and attribute upgrade system allows you to enhance your character’s strength, defense and health.

Two playable characters, each with his own fighting style, upgradeable weaponry and character development.


Battle mythical enemies and fantastical creatures armed with deadly weapons and magical powers.


Levels: 30 missions across elegantly styled environments of feudal Japan. Breath-taking environments reflect seasonal changes and authentic Japanese architecture.


Authentic swordplay and motion-capture: Executed by Japan’s leading swordfight composer and Ken Watanabe’s stunt double in “The Last Samurai.”


Over one hour of rich cinematics developed by industry pioneers tell a dramatic storyline of revenge.


Inspired by the literary masterpiece, Tale of Genji: Written in 11th century Japan and widely regarded as the world’s first novel.

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i love this omnimusha/devil may cry/push 2 buttons and kill all the shit on screen, make-you-feel-like-a-badass genre of games that (i think) Streets of Rage & such evolved from. Those classic 2D Final Fight games, also known as "if you see the buddha, kill the buddha." Anyway, didnt get to play God of War yet ( :misty: ) but this looks cool, and i likes subtitles.


Havta rent this one after i procure a PS2, and beat Xenosaga II and Metal Gear III first. Anyway, keep it comin, MM!

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