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Go Sox!!!






W L Pct. GB

Boston 94 66 .588 --

Yankees 94 66 .588 --



W L Pct. GB

Boston 94 66 .588 --

Yankees 94 66 .588 --

Indians 93 67 .582 1


We burn the house down again tonight as the Yankees need to be shut down again if my beloved Red Sox are to cork their bottle for good in an attempt to capture the AL East. I'm hyped as hell as the whole city of Boston is. The place rocks again at 1 pm today. Go SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was a bar in Boston (it was Peabody [i think that was the name] to be exact) about a year ago and I was watching a Red Sox Yankee game. I'm talking to the younger bar tender about baseball and asks me if I'm a fan of either of the teams. I tell him that I root for the Marlins to win, but more than anything I root for the Yankees to lose .


He said that the Sox were looking pretty good and the older bar tender looks at him a says, "Don't get your hopes up kid, you're just gonna get your heart broken come October."


That was the year the Sox won and broke the curse of the Bambino. Good times.

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Back in the Hunt !!!







Sox Take Matters into Their Own Bats

The Def Champs are Back in the Playoffs

Wild Sox Send Yanks to the West Coast with 10-1 Romp


"It doesn't matter how you get in as long as you get there. We got a great bunch of guys man, we go out there and have fun all the time. We're gonna do it again." -- 10.2, Manny October on making it to the playoffs for the third year in a row

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I had such a good time partying last year on the streets of Boston (and not getting shot in the face with a pepper-bal gun :2T: ), really want a repeat this year.




Gonna be a hell of a match-up with the Chi-town White Sox, though they don't seem to have retained the form they had mid-season, which is a comfort.

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CHICAGO --Feeling bad about his big error, Tony Graffanino went over to the mound and gave David Wells a pat on the back, and the pitcher responded in kind.


Wells certainly wanted to take his second baseman off the hook, he just couldn't do it.


A big-game pitcher who needed to pitch a big game to keep the Red Sox from the brink of elimination, Wells gave up a three-run homer to Tadahito Iguchi after Graffanino's costly miscue, and the Chicago White Sox rallied from a four-run deficit to beat Boston 5-4 Wednesday night.


Dead Sox Lose Game 2, 5-4

Why Can't We Get Second Basemen Like Iguchi?


The truth is we could be fucked after going 0-2. The pitching isn't deep at all.


Sox Nation prepared to burn in-town Yankee fans at the stake as an offering to the Green Monster God...



Rally Wallies...


Friday at Fenway could be out last stand... :wank:



"Maybe I can get a strike here..."

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Have a Piece.









There will be no parade of amphibious vehicles down Boylston St., no jewelry requisitions to Josten’s, and no ceremonial trophy tour throughout the six-pack of states that serve as the home base for Red Sox Nation. There will be no long-awaited phone calls between father and son, no slew of chronicles for which to throw down the Visa at Borders, and no more waving your Red Sox World Series championship hat strolling down Bleecker St.


No longer. The Red Sox, your defending World Series champions of nearly a year, are champs no more. Thanks to the White Sox’ 5-3 win tonight at Fenway Park, the 2004 Red Sox are now just another champion of the past. Another Anaheim Angels, Arizona Diamondbacks, Atlanta Braves, teams that memorably won it all recently, but failed to double their pleasure the following season.


Yet still, this is unexpected. Most thought the Red Sox would get by in this series, including yours truly. But the White Sox are the better team. They pitched better, they produced runs with more ease, and Ozzie Guillen managed circles around Terry Francona. This series wasn’t lost on Tony Graffanino’s error. Sorry, folks. The Red Sox had plenty of opportunities to come back Wednesday night but didn’t, and tonight they were flummoxed by the amazing pitching of 59-year-old foe Orlando Hernandez, who was brilliant over three innings, allowing just one hit and memorably escaping a bases loaded jam in a tense sixth inning.


If you think this was a fluke, or that the better team lost, you’re wrong. Sorry.


And so it ends in disappointment, frustration, and yes, perhaps a good amount of expectancy. They just weren’t as good this time around, simple as that. Although, if this team miraculously won 95 games with the staff it had, imagine the world beaters it is with an ace, and/or a healthy Curt Schilling. They are your 2002 Patriots. Your 1997 Yankees. In flux. Poised to come back for more.


But in 2005, they are champs no more. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing at all.










"...You want to put people in the seats and I'm the kind of guy who can do that. I'm looking for five plus. I'm looking for a lot. For what I bring to the table night in and night in. We know how good Manny and David are, but I also help them look real good. They make me look real good."-- Johnny Damon immediately after a season-ending devastating loss




Damon Can't Hold Up; Sox Come Up Empty in 6th with

No Outs, Bases Jacked. Def Champs Go Down 5-3



Boston Bottom 6th- Johnny Damon struck out swinging to end the inning.

- Tony Graffanino popped out to short. Bases loaded with two outs and Johnny Damon due up.

- Pinch-Hitter Jason Varitek fouled out to first. Bases loaded with one out and Tony Graffanino due up.

- Orlando Hernandez enters the game for the White Sox with the bases loaded and none out.

- John Olerud walked. Bases loaded with none out and Doug Mirabelli due up.

- Bill Mueller walked. Runners on first and second with none out and John Olerud due up.

- Trot Nixon singled to right. Runner on first with none out and Bill Mueller due up.

- Damaso Marte enters the game for the White Sox with none on and none out.

- Manny Ramirez lead-off Home Run 2 (2) to left. Trot Nixon due up.

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Did Damon really say that? Jeez, he was certianly no Ortiz or Ramirez with a bat in this series.


I also don't blame Graffanino. At least he seemed to be getting some hits with the bat. Jonny Damon however, seemed to be swinging at anything and everything.


I presonally think we lost the game and the series in the 6th inning last night. If you can't bring anyone home in a clutch situation like that, you're not gonna make it al the way.



And as a fellow student and Red Sox fan said to me: "At least I'll get some more work done now". :sad:

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Hammer To Fall...



Decisions, decisions

The Red Sox are sure to undergo many changes this winter; and many of the cast of characters who helped the team win the World Series in 2004 may be gone by the time April rolls around. An offseason that’s sure to be fascinating is underway; click below for a roundup of the key players and execs whose status for 2006 is unknown, then decide for yourself who should stay and who should go.


Who Should Go? Who Should Stay? POLL

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Crash and Burn




Yankees...GO HOME !!!


Little Bit of Heaven Here in Boston as Angels Advance

Yankees Go Home Again with 5-3 Loss :welcome:




Ervin Turns in a Magical Performance in Colon Relief

Non-Stop to Orlando: Cabrera Takes the Big Extra Base in the Third

Bad Giarm-bi: Jason Can't Make the Throw Home Again

Bellhorn Gets Stuck at Second in the Ninth

No ALDS RBIs for A-Rod


"We're not going to hang our heads. It's disappointing, because we knew what we were capable of, I know what I was capable of doing to help the team, like I did all year. I didn't get it done, and I'm going to have to look in the mirror." -- 10.10, Alex Rodriguez fails again

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-Nomah the Lifesaver-


``A bunch of us came running over and, sure enough, pulling the two girls out of the water was Nomar. It was crazy,'' O'Hara said. ``Nomar was like jumping over walls to get to the girls and the other guy leaped off the balcony! It was unbelievable. They were really nice guys and it was a pretty cool story. I thought someone should know what they did because he's gotten some pretty bum press around here before.''






When it comes to hero shortstops, A-Rod has nothing on Nomar Garciaparra!


"'One of the girls had fallen into the water off Pier 6,' said Victor, 'and Nomar took off to try to help her.'


As soon as No. 5 ran out the door, the other gal, who was trying to save her friend, also fell in, hitting her head on the pier with a loud, sickening smack.


'Nomar had taken off and all I could think was that the girl was knocked out and would be unconscious under the water,' Victor said.


So the former trauma tech jumped 20 feet off Nomar's balcony and into the water below!

'I swam towards them and by the time I reached them Nomar was already there holding the girls up,' Victor said. 'But he couldn't get them out without help.'" -- 10.12, Boston Herald Inside Track





The Red Sox exile and his uncle Victor saved two thirtysomething gals from drowning the other night after the ladies fell into the chilly waters off Flagship Wharf.


``It was crazy,'' Victor told the Track. ``But I don't want to sound like I'm patting myself or Nomar on the back. We just did what we did.''


What they did, according to eyewitnesses, was rather heroic!


Our story begins at around 10 p.m. Friday. The Chicago Cub and Victor, who handles No. 5's business and charitable ventures, were inside Nomar's old Charlestown digs when they heard a scream and a splash.


``One of the girls had fallen into the water off Pier 6,'' said Victor, ``and Nomar took off to try to help her.''


As soon as No. 5 ran out the door, the other gal, who was trying to save her friend, also fell in, hitting her head on the pier with a loud, sickening smack.


``Nomar had taken off and all I could think was that the girl was knocked out and would be unconscious under the water,'' Victor said.


So the former trauma tech jumped 20 feet off Nomar's balcony and into the water below!


``I swam towards them and by the time I reached them Nomar was already there holding the girls up,'' Victor said. ``But he couldn't get them out without help.''


So Nomar and Victor wrested the two soaking ladies out of the water and onto the dock.


``The girl who hit her head had a baseball-sized lump on it and she was out of it,'' Victor said. ``It was pretty scary.''


Fortunately, the damsel in distress came to a few seconds later. She looked up, saw her rescuers, and the first words out of her mouth were: ``Are you Nomar?''


``He said, `I think you hit your head a little too hard,' '' Victor laughed.


Neither of the two rescuers had a phone so they asked bystanders to call 911. But the women's husbands arrived on the scene, poured the gals into the car, and took them to the hospital. Victor said they never even got the ladies' names.

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Major money gap between GM, Sox





During negotiations for a new contract, Theo Epstein undoubtedly would like Red Sox ownership to at least reference the extravagant offer they made to Billy Beane three years ago, when the Oakland Athletics general manager was their first choice to become GM of the team.


When Beane said no, the brass turned to Epstein, who rewarded them with a World Series title in his second year and trips to the playoffs in each of the three seasons he has been GM, while making great strides in meeting his pledge to rebuild the farm system.


But that success is not translating anywhere close to the $2.5 million annually the Sox reportedly were willing to pay Beane over five years. While a pragmatic Epstein is believed to be asking for considerably less, in both salary and years, the offer the team has made Epstein is not far removed from what Chuck LaMar, who was just fired after seven last-place finishes in the eight seasons he ran the Devil Rays, made in Tampa Bay.


LaMar was being paid $750,000 a year, which isn't much less than the figure the Sox are offering Epstein, according to an industry source with knowledge of the talks each of the last three days between Epstein and CEO Larry Lucchino. And it is considerably less than what Epstein has proposed to the Sox, with just over two weeks remaining before the Oct. 31 expiration date on his current deal.


Public information on GM salaries is sketchy. The Sox were prepared to make Beane the highest-paid GM in baseball history, though the cerebral Beane, working under far greater payroll constraints in Oakland than Epstein, has yet to win a World Series. His team fell short of a playoff berth for the second straight season this year after four straight seasons in which the Athletics averaged 98 wins and won three division titles and a wild-card berth.


Months before the Red Sox came after him, Beane had signed a contract extension with the Athletics that calls for him to be paid $1.1 million in each of the next three seasons (2006-08).


This past April, new owner Lewis Wolff extended Beane through the 2012 season and gave him slightly less than a 5 percent ownership stake in the club.


Texas Rangers GM John Hart, who just stepped aside and was replaced by 28-year-old Jon Daniels, was the highest-paid GM in the game at $2 million.


Atlanta's John Schuerholz, whose team has won 14 consecutive division titles (excluding the strike-shortened '94 season), is around $1.5 million, and the Yankee's Brian Cashman, the only GM in history whose teams won World Series in each of his first three seasons, was reportedly making $1.1 million a season.


Cashman, like Epstein, is at the end of his contract, and unconfirmed speculation in baseball circles is that he will stay only if the Yankees give him a huge raise to the $2 million range. Veteran successful GMs such as Walt Jocketty in St. Louis and Brian Sabean in San Francisco are both around the $1 million level, but neither has a World Series title.


And the Dodgers are believed to have given first-year GM Paul DePodesta $800,000 a year, much higher than the $350,000-$450,000 range customary for new GMs.


Sox ownership and Epstein have pledged not to comment publicly during ongoing negotiations

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Apparently, Theo is being lowballed. He is being offered a similar amount of money as the Tampa Bay GM. :serenade: I doubt it.


Lucchino constantly says that he wanted Pedro Martinez back, and that it was Theo's insistance to lowball Pedro with that stupid 2 year deal. What goes around comes around, Theo.


Wonderboys are cheap. Larry is the genius that everyboyd thinks Theo is. Larry can get a new puppet for $300k next year.


Also, with Theo gone, Manny might not demand a trade.


If Theo didn't mess around with that insulting 2 year offer, the Mets would have never had the opportunity to become involved in the Pedro negotiations. They should have gave him the 3 years right off the bat (come on, 3 years is not a long time extremely risky contract for your franchise pitcher). Pedro constantly says that Theo's arrogance with the 2 year offer was the insult that made him (and eventually Manny) leave. I believe that. :love:


Whether or not Pedro was right or wrong in feeling insulted, or completely dillusional, that is what he thinks. And the Sox are worse off for that move, which is the bottom line.


Back to the subject at hand, I think Larry knows that puppets are cheap, and Theo's ego has gotten pretty big.


I support the move to cut the puppet's strings. But that's just my opinion...


Bye theo.


Its been real, its been fun...but it wasn't real fun. :2T:

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Baseball gets tough about doping




New Policy is Not Too Little, But It's a Little Late... :ok:


*Major League Baseball players and owners yesterday reacted to months of embarrassing scandals and congressional pressure by reaching a landmark agreement aimed at purging the game of anabolic steroids and amphetamines.


The new policy, scheduled to take effect next season, sharply increases penalties for steroid use -- to a 50-game suspension for a first offense, 100 games for a second offense, and a lifetime ban for a third -- and establishes mandatory random testing for amphetamines for the first time in the history of the nation's major professional sports leagues. Under the current policy, steroid users face suspensions of 10 days for a first offense, 30 days for a second, and 60 days for a third.


The agreement makes baseball's penalties for steroid use the harshest among American professional sports leagues.


''This is an important step to reaching our goal of ridding our sport of performance-enhancing substances and should restore the integrity of and public confidence in our great game," commissioner Bud Selig said. ''This has been an historic day in baseball."


*Congressional leaders generally expressed satisfaction with the policy, indicating they may ease their push to impose a sweeping, federal anti-doping program on the major professional sports. Citing baseball's current program as one of the weakest, legislative leaders had gained support for their anti-doping initiative when three prominent sluggers -- Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, and Gary Sheffield -- were implicated in the BALCO steroid scandal and a fourth, Rafael Palmeiro, became the game's first major star to test positive for illegal steroids.


''This is what I had hoped for all along, for the two private parties to come to an agreement on their own without Congress having to do it for them," said Senator Jim Bunning, a Kentucky Republican and baseball Hall of Famer who is a chief sponsor of the Integrity in Professional Sports Act.


Bunning said the policy is ''not as tough as I would like," yet he seemed ready to accept the program barring any unforeseen problems. Major leaguers and owners are expected to ratify the agreement without major dissent.


''I and my colleagues will be watching very closely, and if things unravel, we still have tough legislation we can move through Congress," he said.


Selig, who spoke yesterday with several congressional leaders, said of the policy, ''I have a great deal of confidence that it will absolutely satisfy any concerns they may have."


Major league players made several striking concessions to achieve the deal, including reopening their collective bargaining agreement, which otherwise is in force through 2006. They also backed off their proposal for less stringent penalties for steroid users (20 games for a first offense, 75 games for a second offense, and disciplinary action set by the commissioner for a third offense).

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Thank God............. News from the trenches... Cowboy is owwwwwwwwwwwt!




Cowboy rides off into sunset

Millar's tenure with Red Sox officially over



DALLAS -- ''This is the end of it," Kevin Millar said last night. ''Officially the end."

He knew it was coming, of course. The news yesterday that the Red Sox had not offered the first baseman salary arbitration, a procedure that gives teams the chance to keep free agents, only sealed a fate to which he'd already resigned himself, that the Sox were cutting all ties to him.


Cowboy Out. Bye Kevin Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. :howyoudoin:

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Report from the Fort (Myers that is...)




Could we be setting up another miracle season? It's the same old song and dance in Florida this spring training but with different personnel. I'm a die hard fan and have to believe that maybe we can...


I want another HOLY SHIT! season. I'm greedy now. The Patriots have spolied us up here in Boston.






Red Sox GM Theo Epstein took to the radio airwaves this morning, defending the Red Sox’ offseason moves and responding to the speculation about the upcoming season.


Sell it baby. Sell it. This team had sucked for 86 years and then we won. We are good for another 86. Sell me that dirty water Theo.



David Wells threw his first bullpen session of the season today. He said he threw for about eight minutes, and that his surgically repaired right knee felt fine.


David the Drunk


Wells has avoided all media interviews, but he did answer a few brief questions.


Asked whether he'll be set back to start the season, Wells said, "I don't think so. If I keep going at this pace, it'll be day to day."


He said the big thing was to see how the knee responded tomorrow.


When WBZ's Jon Miller asked whether Wells was still seeking a trade, Wells said, "That's it guys, I'm done. You asked the wrong question. It's not your fault. You didn't know, but I'm done."


Keith Foulke also threw off a bullpen mound after spending a few days throwing off flat ground. Foulke has been taking a lubricant injection in both knees to help the healing process along.


Josh Beckett threw a pair of very strong innings in a simulated game on Field 1. He drew rave reviews from coaches and hitters.




Moron Manny Ramirez


"I like to do this and that but I gotta represent Boston and the Red Sox in every way that I do outside this game. ... Like I said I get paid to play baseball no [matter] where I go to play I still gotta go and perform even if I like it or not." -- Manny Being Manny


"Oh yeah you know I’m back, I guess people want me to come back and my main focus is baseball right now and trying to help this team win and let me get this straight, I don’t want no question about the trade rumors about the winter this and that. You guys want to talk about baseball or whatever, you know I’m open to talk. We could talk all day.


"I’m here. I don’t live in the past, I live in the present and that’s it. This [is] a new year, I’m here. People want me to come back. People want me here so we’re just gonna move on. I’m just gonna come, do my job, I get paid to play baseball. That’s [why] I’m here. That’s it. What else can I say?"


Are you happy to be playing for the Boston Red Sox?


"I’m here. I’m here."


Are you going to play in the World Baseball Classic?


"Nah. I’m not playing. My main focus is getting prepared for the season. That’s my goal right now and that’s what I’m gonna do."

-- 3.1.06, Manny Ramirez



Fuck You Johnny. Fuck You. :2T:




Damon Says Manny Wants Out of Boston


"It is no secret that Ramirez still wants out. His former teammate, the Yankees' Johnny Damon, said Ramirez never expected to return to Boston this season.


Fuck Johnny Damon.


"'He thought for sure he was going to be gone,' Damon said Tuesday. 'Unfortunately for him, he's not. He's been there for five years. He just wants a change. He knows how good he is. It's just an unfortunate situation.'" -- 3.2.06, Tyler Kepner, New York Times



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...and now the Report from the Fort...





The Fighting Franconas Are at It Again...


Tavarez Throws and Lands One...



Julian Tavarez winds up and connects on a punch to the chin of Joey Gathright today





Ahhhh Spring...


Ya gotta love it.


But what the Sam hell is going on down in Florida?


1 week away from Opening Day, Red Sox pitcher Julian Tavarez faces the likelihood of disciplinary action from Major League Baseball after punching Devil Rays outfielder Joey Gathright in the chin after a tag play at home plate Monday afternoon in City of Palms Park.


The play took place in the eighth inning of the Sox’ 12-11 win over the Devil Rays at City of Palms Park. Tavarez was covering the plate because the catcher Ken Huckaby had Julio Lugo caught between first and second after his base hit sent Gathright to third. Huckaby ran toward Lugo, then threw to second baseman Zach Borowiak, a Sox minor-leaguer.


Gathright broke to the plate, Borowiak threw home, and Tavarez tagged the runner out. A frame by frame examination of photographs taken of the play, however, show Tavarez stepping on Gathright's left arm after the play and possibly was saying something to the Devil Rays player.


Gathright placed his hand on Tavarez's left knee and attempted to push it away, at which point Tavarez cocked his right fist. Gathright was still on one knee when Tavarez threw a roundhouse right, catching Gathright in the area of his chin and knocking his batting helmet off. Tavarez can then be seen pulling back his arm and throwing another punch, which appeared to glance off Gathright's shoulder.


Devil Rays teammates Carl Crawford and Greg Norton grabbed Tavarez, and Norton body-slammed Tavarez to the ground, Crawford on Norton's back, with Gathright underneath the players. Both benches emptied -- Trent Durrington was in the middle of the pile -- and both Tavarez and Gathright were ejected. When Hee Seop Choi was hit by a pitch in the bottom of the eighth by Wayne Franklin, umpires warned both teams.


Tavarez admitted that he stepped on Gathright, saying he had lifted his leg because he expected a hard slide; the D-Rays were livid, manager Joe Maddon calling for Tavarez to be suspended.


"I think that was a sucker punch,'' Crawford said. Said Gathright: "I slid and he was standing on my arm. I can even show you the marks. I tried to push his knee back. As I was getting up, he swung at me.''


Tavarez has a history of on-field incidents. In one of the more recent incidents, he swung at a dugout phone during the NLCS in 2004 and hurt his hand. He was fined $10,000 by MLB for throwing a pitch over Jeff Bagwell's head in the same game.


Bob Watson, baseball's chief disciplinarian, is certain to investigate.



What a shitbag thing to do... :beer:




Reunited, and It Feels So Good...






Love is in the Air for Manny and Johnny... Fuck you Johnny. Fuck you.




Talk about a gag gift...




Merry Christmas, Dodgers fans. That's not a lump of coal in your stocking, it's your new manager, Grady Little.


Trust me, you'll wish you got the lump of coal.


This is great news for Red Sox fans, of course. We get to join in the raucous laughter, eye-rolling and second-guessing, only without Grady Little killing our team in the process.


Plus, as an added bonus, I get to dust off phrases like "empty-faced," "slack-jawed" and "dull-eyed."


Little is the only manager I've ever seen for whom the glacial pace of baseball moved too fast. Every situation caught him by surprise. Any time he was expected to counter an opposing manager's move, it was like the shot clock was about to expire and he was heaving one up from 35 feet.


Good Luck L.A. You're gonna need it. :2T:

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Dan Slams Henry and Co. for Soaking Fans,

Travel Infomercial, and Ubiquitous Signage


"Speaking of no-win propositions, we've got a problem here at Daddy Globe. Those of you not living in caves know by now that the New York Times Co. owns us, and also owns 17 percent of the Red Sox. This conflict of interest taints everything we do on these pages and the Globe looks especially compromised on days like yesterday when we ran a Page 1 story entitled, ''Hit the road with the Sox and get . . ."


"Yesterday's journalistic wet kiss included a nifty graphic detailing exactly what Sox fans get if they purchase an official team VIP road trip package. The story contained no inside info that couldn't be gleaned by a fan with access to the Internet, but the timing was abysmal and the packaging worse. By any measurement, this was a Red Sox infomercial, a front-page story guaranteed to embolden those who believe the Globe is part of a Red Sox Cartel and certain to make life more difficult for Messrs. Snow, Edes, and all others who toil tirelessly to bring balanced coverage to our readers.


"...But it never stops with these guys and Henry's NASCAR-ization of Fenway has crossed the line. Everything is sponsored. Everything is for sale.


"...Then again, can anything be a surprise after the $ox sold the sacred sod of 2004 or sanctioned gambling by getting their own Mass. Lottery scratch card? Yeesh.


"The $ox have been appropriately applauded for all they have done in the community and for the amazing improvements at ancient Fenway, but the ballpark has officially morphed into a haven for the rich." -- 5.4.06, Dan Shaughnessy, The Boston Globe

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Streak Over



Sox Stopped at 13 Straight Over O's


BALTIMORE --Erik Bedard pitched seven innings of two-hit ball, Kevin Millar homered against his former team, and the Baltimore Orioles ended a 13-game losing streak against the Boston Red Sox with a 4-3 victory Wednesday night.


The Orioles had lost eight in a row this season against Boston and were winless against their AL East foes since Sept. 2, 2005. The victory also enabled Baltimore to end an eight-game home skid against the Red Sox.


Bedard (5-2) gave up one run, a pair of doubles and three walks. The left-hander, who came in with a 7.57 ERA in six career starts against the Red Sox, struck out three. It was his first victory in five starts since April 20.


LaTroy Hawkins struck out two during a perfect eighth. Chris Ray gave up a two-run homer to David Ortiz in the ninth inning to make it 4-3 before the reliever got three outs for his 10th save. It was Ortiz's 13th homer.


Millar put the Orioles ahead 2-1 against Tim Wakefield (3-5) in the fourth with his third homer, the first since April 12. The drive to left came after Javy Lopez hit a leadoff single.




Bad Sign: Silly Willie Caught Stealing to End Game



Removed from the starting lineup Saturday because of his .220 batting average, Millar displayed the results of his recent sessions with batting coach Terry Crowley by going 2-for-2 with a walk. He was also hit by a pitch.


Baltimore made it 4-1 in the fifth. Melvin Mora singled, took third on a double by Miguel Tejada and scored on a groundout by Ramon Hernandez. Tejada took third on the play and came home on a wild pitch.


That was more than enough offense for Bedard, who was pulled after throwing 100 pitches.


Wakefield allowed four runs and eight hits in seven innings. He struck out six and walked three.


Boston got a run in the first inning when Kevin Youkilis drew a leadoff walk, took third on a double by Mark Loretta and scored on a groundout by Ortiz.


Bedard also walked the leadoff hitter in the second and third innings, but averted any damage. After giving up a free pass to Youkilis in the third, he retired 11 straight before Manny Ramirez led off the seventh with a double.


Bedard then retired Mike Lowell on a foul pop and Wily Mo Pena on a comebacker before concluding his fine performance by getting Trot Nixon on a groundout to second.


Willie thrown out to end the game, and the threat.


Notes:@ Baltimore 2B Ed Rogers got his first start, batting leadoff and going 1-for-4. ... Boston played its seventh straight errorless game. The Red Sox have made only one error in their last 13 games. ... Boston's 13-game run against the Orioles was its second-longest against an opponent in the last 50 years, topped only by its 15-game streak against Seattle in 1977-78.

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Shit continues ... Boston Massacre


I can't wait till the Yankees are outta here. Over the last 4 games, we have managed to drop 4 striaght 2 late in the game to amount to a 5 1/2 game defecit under NY.





Nightmare Nation

By David Lefort, Boston.com Staff

It’s 1:27 in the morning, and I’m at a loss for adjectives to describe yet another devastating (OK, so I found one) Red Sox defeat at the hands of the Yankees.


They had it wrapped up, a two-run lead in the eighth inning. Schilling to Timlin to Papelbon and the Sox were on their way to salvaging the series and getting back in the AL East race.


They even had an edge in the ninth after Papelbon escaped an eighth-inning bases-loaded jam with minimal damage against the heart of the Yankees order. But the Bombers scraped together the game-tying run in their final at-bat.


In the bottom of the ninth, the Sox had the winning run at third with one out and couldn’t send him home.


And in the 10th ... well, you know what happened, I won’t twist the knife any further.


After dropping their fourth straight in this series (it will no doubt be dubbed the Boston Massacre II), the Sox sit 5 ½ games behind the Yankees in the AL East and four games back in the wild card.


It’s been a long night, and an even longer weekend for Red Sox Nation. Get some rest, and hope that when you wake up you realize it’s all been a horrible nightmare.





BOSTON --Randy Johnson couldn't stay awake long enough to watch the New York Yankees sweep the rival Red Sox in a doubleheader to open a rare five-game series.


"He sucked it up," manager Joe Torre said after Johnson overcame midgame wildness to beat Boston 13-5, lasting seven innings to rescue the Yankees bullpen after a successful, but exhausting, sweep. "It was enormously important. Especially considering how dry we were in the bullpen."


In an unwelcome replay of the 1978 "Boston Massacre," the Yankees scored at least 12 runs in winning each of the first three of the five-game series and extending their lead in the AL East to a season-high 4 1/2 games. Twenty-eight years ago, New York swept four at Fenway in September to erase the rest of what had been a 14-game deficit; the Yankees won the division that year on Bucky Dent's popup homer in a one-game tiebreaker.

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He sits by the bed, obviously heart broken and distraut. He looks up at the monitors and sighs deeply knowing the end is near. He nods to the doctor and says "It's time."


The doctor replies, "Have you said goodbye?"


"No," he replies. He stand and leans over and places a kiss gently as his tears well up. "Goodbye. I'll always love you."


The doctor nods, and leans over pulling the plug fromt he life support machines. "Its only a manner of time. I'll leave you alone."



And so the 2006 Boston Red Sox season has been pulled off life support and is being let pass away naturally. No viewing hours have been planned as the death has been horrific to watch as it is and the family does not want to promote any further suffering.

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