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Final Fantasy III-D


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Err...never mind the title... :)


From jeuxfrance.com:

The president of Square Enix, Yoichi Wada, has just announced the adaptation on Game Boy Advance/Micro de Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI. This advertisement thus follows upon the development of Final Fantasy IV confirmed very recently for Game Boy Advance/Micro. To also note that episode III in preparation on Nintendo DS would have with final being born in Japan in the current of the year 2006. An episode completely worked over again for the occasion and offering graphics and characters in a 3d worthy of Nintendo DS.






:eh: Wow, this is especially good news for me, since III is the only one in the series I haven't played...and now I get to experience it for the first time in glorious 3D! Seriously though, where am I gonna scrounge the money for a DS? :???:

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I guess youll have to emulate it, like i will one day....?


seriously tho, 3D'ing the 8 bit titles way too old for me to play now is a pretty cool idea. I, for one, really didnt like FF anthology or collection...they shouldntve needed 2 different games, and neither shouldve had loading times, at all. I was rather dissapointed, personally.


But im all for revamping & re-making the slept-on classics like this....im not sure i got the article's gist, tho - is VI gonna get this treatment, too?

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