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The Showbiz Show with David Spade

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So I've been recording my TV shows on a digital recorder since I moved. It's like TiVo, only not smart. Show when I set it up to record the Daily Show it was easier to set up one M-F timer than four times for M-Th. So it recorded The Showbiz Show on Friday. I haven't been checking out many new Comedy Central shows since the Adam Corrola one and the Carlos Mencia ones were so bad. But sinc eI already had it recorded and nothing good was on, I watched it.


It's basically, it does to Entertainment Tonight/Access Hollywood/Deco Drive what The Daily Show does to the news. The show has correspondents too, and while David Spade will never have the delivery of Jon Stewart (but to be fair, that's a high standard to hold up), and I'm not as interested in Entertainment news as I am 'real news', the writing is clearly very good. Give Spade a little time get comfortable doing this thing, and give time for them to bring on lots of correspondents so they can weed out the really talented ones, and this could be a solid show. I'm staying tuned.

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I'm not a Spade fan but I'm digging the show. Adam Corrola is the fucking worst, he makes Carson Daly look supurb (thank God when I went to see it live Bob Costas was the guest, that guy knows how to carry a show) and Mencia has such great stand-up but the show...ugh. TSBS is definitly the best CC has besides the Daily Show and South Park (Global Warming is real scary). How is the Colbert Report? I missed it when it was on and forgot to tape it (I too am a DVR junkie).

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