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John Legend Get Lifted



Great stuff. I mean if ya love piano, soul, and throwback r&b, John is your man I think, it is a more simple and soulful approach to music, Congrats on the Grammy's John. :pimp:


I have uploaded his Oridinary People Single MP3 in the Jukebox thread for anyone interested.


Six years after cutting his musical teeth as a teen, tickling the ivories on the classic Lauryn Hill single "Everything Is Everything," John Stephens popped up everywhere in 2004, going by the bold name of John Legend. His ubiquity was unsurprising, since he was taken under the wing of Kanye West, the year's breakout success, who tabbed Legend "the future of hip-hop." It's an interesting label for a man whose elegant voice and schooled songwriting conjures up Bill Withers and Al Green, but sometimes the future intersects with the past in a manner transcending revival.


Legend drops his debut, GET LIFTED, into the center of the neo-soul universe, and it's a charming, earnest record. Sometimes he dives into a contemporary slow jam, as on "Let's Get Lifted;" other times he finds a groove the Delfonics would be proud of, as on the West-driven "Number One." On the gently gorgeous "Ordinary People, " however, it's just the man and his piano. Whether he's truly the future direction of any genre or not, Legend is an artist to watch, and GET LIFTED offers the first major taste of his talent.

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Los Angeles: In the least suspenseful award of the night, John Legend won the Grammy for best new artist. He beat out nominees Ciara, Fall Out Boy, Keane and SugarLand. Legend was nominated for eight Grammys, tied for the most with his mentor, Kanye West, and Mariah Carey.



The 27-year-old, piano-playing crooner released his critically acclaimed debut, ''Get Lifted,'' in December 2004. It sold more than 1 million copies. ''People cared more about it because (West) was attached to it and he was an 'it' artist at the time and still is, even more so now,'' Legend recently told The Associated Press. ''So it got more attention than just the average R&B singer would have got.''


Legend, who performed in the pre-game show for the Super Bowl, has a growing list of fans. He appeared on ''The Oprah Winfrey Show'' Wednesday and earlier opened for Alicia Keys' tour.

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I dont put much stock in the Grammy's, but im glad he beat out Ciara, who's like a step better than Ashanti far as im concerned.


I too dig the piano thing (and opening with Lauryn Hill is nothing but good), but i honestly dont know bout the album...i suppose when i heard it, i was looking for anything on par with "Ordinary People", a great song (and cool video) despite gettin played a bit. MM, any tracks in particular off Get Lifted you recommend? I still got a copy around here somewhere.

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