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Tenacious D - Tribute

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Yeah its a cool song! They play Dublin tomorrow night, can't get a ticket tho!!


Love the guest appearance of Dave Grohl as "The Shiny Demon", and i'm sure that Ben Stiller has a walk on but i could be mistaken.


My sis is in Boston at the moment and she's picked me up a copy of one of their albums (don't know if they have more than one!) so i'll have that next week!

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I'm telling you SoF, you are missing out, they are a great live band. They have only one studio album, but there have been tons of live bootlegs circulated because they were around a long time without any studio recordings. They have a completely different sound in concert, having not drums or electric or bass guitars or anything like that. Just two dudes with two big ole acoustic guitars, classically trained to rock your fucking socks off. Lots of long time fans didn'ty like the studio recording cause it sounds overproduced (or perhaps the problem was that it was produced at all). And as far as the Tribute vieo goes, yeah it rocked, but I still like the Wonderboy video better :D

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I doubt it, unless you could find other referneces to the game other than just the word 'wonderboy', I'd have to say it's a conincidence. Teh one nots songs rocks indeed. I like all of them. City Hall might be my favorite. You might have noticed that I have referenced it on this board ("get the scientists working on the tube technolgy"). I just replace tube with whatever word is relevant (ie. "get the scientists working on the emoticon technolgy"). I think Fuck Her Gently, Friendship, Karate, Inward Singing and Rock Your Sock are also stand out tracks.

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I hope you have a very high standard for 5 stars. I thought Tenacious D was the best album of 2001. Thought the only weak track on the Tenacious D album was Lee. It's pretty forgivable though.


Yeah, well you didn't write this one...I've got some lyrics...Malibu Nights, Tangerine Dreams, Malibu Nights, Tangerine Dreams...


That's the 'hidden track' at the end of the disc. Can anyone confirm whether or not Nirvana was the first band to have a hidden track on a CD by having several minutes of silence as a gap between two songs in one track (the funny backtracking thing at the end of A Day In The Life doesn't count)?

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For whose of you who are D-voted D-sciples and haven't yet seen all D-ese vi-D-os, here's some links to their music videos:


'Official' (MTVish) Videos:

Wonderboy Real Video Windows Media: 56K 100K 300K

Tribute Real Video Windows Media: 56K 100K 300K


Animated Flash Video:

Fuck Her Gently Flash (best if your computer good at handling flash movies)

Windows Media Real Video Quick Time

Watch in Webpage (basically the same as Flash version)


All these videos came from http://www.tenaciousd.com. You can check out tons more video there, including some live shows, behind the scenes stuff, some commercials they've shot, and just some videos of JB's and KG's take on life. Just enter the site and click on the videos link at top of the page. The site has other cool stuff too.


The D also 'appeared' on Crank Yankers, where they had the studio version of 'Friendship' dubbed over naked puppet versions of themselves singing to it. I saw it on wednesday. It was pretty cool. I'm still looking for a video of it some where on the web. I'll keep you all posted!

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