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In the spirit of our HDLoader thread, this thread will be about turning your console into something else, sometimes, another console's emulator.


The above-mentioned HDLoader, for example, is a disc that, with a network adapter and hard drive hooked up to your PS2, allows you to copy your games to the drive and play them with far less loading times, as well as other backups/copies if you install a flip-top to the system.


Ive been messing with dante's recently-donated Dreamcast, and aside from being a great system in itself, this thing was cracked wide open. Ive torrented discs, including this Mega Nintendo one that has seemingly ever NES game ever made (and several that werent), and they play almost flawlessly as the originals did, with no need for boot/disc swapping even.


Ive since found such collections for Genesis, MAME (tho not perfect), Gameboy, a few Atari systems, etc. The SNES one's strangely a bit choppy, but Bleemcast lets me play titles like Resident Evil 2 & 3, PaRappa, Dino Crisis & Tenchu from the PS1 with sharper graphics. The Dreamcast is like a homebrew dream. Ive heard similar about the original X-box.


Anyway, Bishop's looking into a method to have his PSP play PS1 backups, i believe. Personally, i get the vast majority of my info from After Dawn's forums, but feel free to post whatever else you find that fits here, im a whore for good console emulation these days. Shit, i just read they already got linux on the PS3.

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