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Beatles: The Fab Four fight up a fury!


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Ok, for fun let's say this is in late 1969, when the tension is the greatest. Somehow George Martin has lost the key to a door in the studio room the four of them are all in (by this point, the four of them weren't in rooms together, but let's pretend). They stay in there for hours until all out war breaks out. Who's the last one standing?


Just as an interesting sidenote: Recently, when Britney Spears was asked if she thought she was N'SYNC's Yoko Ono, she replied 'Who?'


That is true (if Music Magazines are credible sources). I think it's ridicuous to live in the Western World and not know who Yoko Ono is, but to be pretending to be in the music industry and not know who Yoko Ono is, especially when you could be compared to her? STU-PID BROAD!

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Tricky! This could go either way! George could sit in the corner playing his sitar while the others knock shit out of each other! Or, Ringo beats everyone to death with his drumsticks, or more so his actual drumming ; )


Most likely:

In the fracas one of the fab four falls against a tape machine thus filling the room to the sounds of 'Revolution', Lennon goes ballistic taking out everyone.



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