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So, i just read The Thousand Deaths of Baron Von Donut, and it was great - dark, yes, but sort've just shy of ADD theatre in its random, non sequitur style. Apparently, he's but a recurring character of the series, and from what ive read on wiki, ive defintely gotta read more of this series...


  • Voodoo Joe, a man cursed to help ordinary people get revenge
  • The Clot, a man who was diagnosed with a deadly skin bacteria and had to get all of his skin removed
  • Baron Von Donut, an immortal alcholic mascot who's magical powers bring him back to life to give donuts to children, no matter what happens to him the previous day.
  • a dozen zombie fetuses that Voodoo Joe had liberated from an abortion clinic dumpster


So yeah, more on it when i find some soon, anyone else familiar with the book?

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