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well these are the three in question but this is a link to a bunch more fighter mania my money is on tekken 2 name me any other game that takes you two hours to get to the boss and then get your ass handed perfect after perfect after perfect all on the easiest setting and if you think it was my lack of game play on tekken 2 survival i got 13 wins in a row and tekken 3 i got about 40 wins in a row the game is fucking hard the end boss has a combo that takes away 115% of your life and he does it with out stop again and again.

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I dunno man, i dont recall Tekken 2 bein impossible...it was more like, whoever the computer wanted to fight you before the last guy was impossible no matter how sucky a character they were.  I actually recall the last 2 or 3 characters before the Devil fight bein tougher than Devil himself, unless i was usin a slow character who let his ass get show with the eye beam moves.  

Eternal Champions was tough as well, but then i usually just get whupped up by any fightin game im not good at when i get too far - Marvel Capcom, when the button mashin dont work no more, etc.  Tekken 4 didnt stike you as kinda hard, later on? Well, you played it a lot more, too.  Id say 2 was the hardest of that series, anyway.

Didnt play Guilty Gear X on 1 player so i cant say, but Alex isnt the only one who said its hard as balls later on.


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