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Read up on it here:

Freedom Force overview 1


I read an issue on this game idea almost a year ago.  It seems to have a lot of promise.  Squad-based RPG where you can create your own superheros & design their powers to be whatever you want.  Pick from 36 different types of damage and a wide variety of character customizations.  I just hope they'll allow imported skins, that way I can have Irish Ninja finally go up against Chief Slapaho & see who'll win.

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Irish Cowboy, the Ninja is long gone.  I left that role for Jumbie, he's the one who carries around a buddoken when he's in town. :wasabi:

Anyway, ive been tryin to talk bout that game for a month or so now, no one noticed....it seems really interestin.  In one interview, the designer claimed that no 2 super heroes online will be identical, the variations in costume & powers will give so many options, etc.  Supposedly even had lil "beat this villian" missions, i think people could be villians too if they wanted (?)

Thanks for the link, ill check that out when im back.  Here's to hopin the game delivers, it could be really cool.

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