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Spider-Man for PC


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Hmm...well, as you mightve seen, Spider-Man (for PlayStation & Dreamcast) was possibly the greatest comic book video game made; the whole thing was great.  

The sequel, however, was awful, accordin to the reviewers anyway, never got a chance to play it...

This, however, is the version from the movie.  I know very lil bout it, except im honestly not too hopeful...comic book games have a hard time workin out, add a movie-to-game translation in the mix and, well i hope it pleasently surprises me.

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Well the screenshots look nice, lets see if the gameplay holds up - that was the real strength of the PSX Spider-Man, it was great to play.  


Not nearly as pretty, but ill bet its a lot more fun overall...here's to hopin im wrong tho, your movie version does look good.

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