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Ive come across an actual site that will customize your PS2, Gamecube or X-box.....they not only offer a huge number of color repaints, but also offer to change the LCD lights to make em more interestin as well ( ! )

Thing is, they just got hyped on both http://cube.ign.com and http://www.penny-arcade.com/, and thus are overwhelmed & temporarily shut down, but for future reference, if ya wanna make your system look cooler, here's the place:

Color cases.com

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Hey, just so you know...PS2's in Japan now come in pastel colors. Perhaps not ideal, but it sucks that they get more variety.

No complaints, god knows my black ps2 & indigo gamecube are now littered with stickers and all, just wish these things were options at a system's launch, i rather liked having 4 different colored N64 controllers, myself...people had dibs that way.




ps i think the one on the left is called "chihiro edition".

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