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Conker's Bad Fur Day


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I recently watched my friend's little brother play some of an old N64 game called Conker's Bad Fur Day.


The bits I saw were hilarious. It's a british game and involves great comedy, cussin, shit and piss jokes, alcohol and Squirrels.


ANybody played this? Any comments? knowledge of a sequel (for gamecube I expect)?

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Oh hell yes, I LOVE that game.  The multiplayer is great, espacially the game where one team controlls the immigrants and the others control the Teddiz trying to blow them away.  The single player game is really good too, the movie spoofs are hilarious, and when you get past the dirty jokes and everythign esle it's really just a great platformer that doesn't force you to scavenger hunt for a dozen different things like DK and Banjo do.  I reccomend this one pretty highly.

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Yes I've see my boyfriend play that game the whole way through... It is the funniest game I have ever seen!!! :D And the game isn't that old. It came out like in November. A friend of ours lent my boyfriend the game and he beat it. The ending isn't all that great, but it's worth it just to watch the whole game.


The teddiz are scary!!! :0 I was freaking out the first time we saw that part of the game.


Highly recommended game!!




But I think my favorite part of the game is when he meets up with his girlfriend and they hire him to go into the building with his girlfriend and she's wearing all that leather and he goes " I'll go on one condition... I want an outfit like hers" Then they go into the "Vertex". I laughed my ass of when we got to that part of the game!!! :D

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