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well nicky boy i never knew how important costum design was till i saw this here i was going to write this game off because of the jax and scorpiean costums but now i belive they are fakes look at them and then look a the other guy no fucking way man scorp look like an s&m freak.

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Haha...that's so sad. Ya always see a buncha crap, then one cool lookin thing, and figure its all secretly cool, that the crap's just a red herring to throw ya off & lower your expectations.

Then the game comes out, and ya realize Midway stopped really tryin for somethin new back in part 2 or so, and then, oh then, the tears come.  :scared:

There, there, artistic.  We'll go play Tekken 4 and make it all better. One day, youll get your fightin game with cool level layout & costumes, badass characters & moves, and maybe, just maybe, a story too.  I believe, man.

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