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will blue beatle be cool one day



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Depends on what youve got to work with, and i guess on who re-does it.

The original Wolvy was kinda gay, nothin spectacular bout him at all. A handfull of great writers like Chris Cleremont (back in the day), Larry Hana, even John Byrne (ugh) made him the badass he is today, with a great story behind him - even Paul Jenkins' Origin is makin him a more likable character.

I think its tricky - how much of the character is set in stone, ya know?  If ya wanna redo Prime, that's fair i guess - he looks sucky and he's a dime-a-dozen cheezy Superman/Captain Marvel rip, but you can change alla that.

Now, to change a character i personally think sucks like Lobo...he has too much behind him already; alter alla that, and youre lookin at a whole new character entirely.

Personally, i think Blue Beetle'd work great as a pardoy book like Deadpool.  Anyway, im votin yes 'cause comic writers over the last few writers have salvaged some suck-ass characters & turned em around, and i respect that.

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how about my man up there has he got a chance?

all characters have set in stone features for example wolverine can never say "i'm aunt patunia's favirote little blue eyed boy" without laughing his ass off cause he's making fun of the thing just like captain america can never say "bitch better have my money" but blue beatle and prime they've got nothing you can make them say what ever you want but their are still some rules to them such as their names those names are too well known as them in addition you have what ever trademarks they have developed and in the end the final characther must reflect the intial character.

with the lesser knows it's easy to revamp but what about the big guns that need revamping such as he-man, superman, ff4 what does one do then?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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He-Man...i gots no idea, im afriaid it'd just end up like GI Joe.

Superman & Fantastic Four have both been well done before - Supes had "Man for All Seasons" mini-series, his John Byrne relaunch in the 80's, Death of Superman, and most recently, Action Comcis # 775, maybe the best Superman story ive read, outside of that Hitman one.

FF got done decently by Jim Lee in Heroes Reborn: i actually read the fuckin book, so that says a lot. Guess its all up to the writers/artists and equally important, how much the editors allow em to fuck with.  

Look at Green Arrow/Daredevil/soon to be Black Cat - editors take weak characters & let Kevin Smith go nuts on em, he keeps some continuity but makes em top 5 bestsellers everytime.  

But your boy Zabel the UK homo there....he might need a complete re-design. :ill:

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Is...is that thing doin the Elvis hip shake? :ill:

Anyway, all im sayin is if one intends to change enough of the character's details, ya might as well just call it a whole new character: for instance, that guy's Zabel, not "Blue Beetle...TO THE EXTREME!!"

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