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i've been thinking about this section for a while now and i think it should broaden it's horizons and grow into a section based on stories of all sort fo example rpgs and metal gear solid on one end of the wide spectrum with greek tragities and mytologies on the other end of the spectrum i envision and name along the lines of "arch stories or story archs" just imagine eh?

ps fuck grammer i tired

pss ftp is giving me shit i think i go kill it soon if continues

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Well....i intend to keep the name for a bit, so nothin drastic there.

However....if there's any fan fiction/mythology etc id say by all means toss it in here, if it gets big enough ill include it somehow in the title/description of this corner, toss Homer's name in somehow as well for storytellin.

As for RPG and Metal Gear stuff, that still feels like Nintendorks material...you mean, plotline only stuff?  Cause if so, then yeah that's prolly more appropriate for here.  Ill figure it out as it comes tho, mean time keep ideas comin & feel free to post that kinda stuff here, just label it for spoilers.

PS No one's gettin ranked on round here for grammar (so long as everyone understands whats bein said) but hey since ya broguht it up...


PPS Keep hearin problems with the FTP...drop a line over in Stonehenge & let everyone know specifically what's wrong; if that thing fails, im gonna have a lotta red x's round here soon.

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plot line only stuff of course focusing on the story more that the game play for example that metal gear book that you told me about that talked about snake and his keen eye for baking goods etc that stuff it's got no place any where else so it feels right here and why can't i keep my fing makkusu and tao on my signiture any more that a week ahhhh!

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