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Welcome Members!!!


I hope everyone is settling in with these new and amazing changes! In recent years, we have seen how FIGHT CLUB has caused much uproar and childish bickering amongst our members, this time the HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT will be hear to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance at being heard, please no pushing, name calling, or none of those petty remarks! Human Resources is here to resolve your problems with other members (including admins) because we are an equal opportunity community, erm, CORPORATION. SEXUAL HARRASEMENT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!


Any issues you are experiencing, please make them known here and we will do our best to ensure you are a content yahoovian. If you have further questions or any issues, please do not hesitate to come on by HR Headquarters.


Thank you.





Kerstin Espinoza

HR Director~



PS - I did not have any sexual relations with the administrator to get to this position. I merely worked my way to top as MOST WOMEN in this GREAT NATION of OURS!

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