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  1. Ha! Quit blushing, buddy. Find her and make her yours, muahaha! I will knife, you NZA. How dareeee you! Annalynne McCord is like super gorgeous. Natasha Yi is ALRIGHT. She's like the typical one in a pretty significant number of asian chicks that just so happens to be innocently pretty. LAME. Asian girls do nothing for me.
  2. ROFL I was thinking I might be able to partake in this discussion, but then I read your post and I remembered. OH! I don't know shit about video games. I need to go back to the Hot Chicks Pics forum.
  3. Eeek! Lena Li. No thnx. I think Rev Jax would agree with these below:Sarah Silverman. Pretty weird and very hot. Annalynne McCord is fucking SMOKIN'! Megan Fox will never be a cliche, she's amazing. These are my current picks... SO.HAWT.
  4. Jax: Rock Band Unplugged sounds interesting. Honestly, I think Rock Band would be much more interesting to me if they did two things. 1. They need to make the guitar more like playing actual guitar. I get that it's supposed to be easy. But, for those who already know how to play real guitar, it's a joke. Maybe they should have different kits for different experience levels? Yeah, that wouldn't fly. Scratch that. 2. They should include more underground bands. I so wish they had some of the songs/artists/albums I REALLY like. For instance, Damien Rice. I doubt he's on there. But,
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  6. haha, that was quick. howdy shannon, welcome aboard missy!

    Introduce yourself over in Town Square when you get a chance!

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