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  1. There were a couple of Shmups that came out last gen in japan, that you can import on the PS3 that were amazing. So hopefully we will get some of those again. Even though Raiden is a Bone exclusive, I might still pick it up, cause I have a feeling it'll be too hard to find later on.
  2. Raiden V is finally up for pre-order, reigon free. I don't have the Xbone yet but I really want this game. think there is any chance of it coming to the PS4??? http://www.play-asia.com/raiden-v/13/707wcd
  3. I take things that I love out the boxes, and keep the boxes just in case for moving purposes, but things that are given to me sealed for free. I keep it that way and use it for trades. Ya never know when you gotta trade something to get the things you really want.
  4. Ah which makes sense, low print run on awesome game will just drive it up if there's a demand for it. Also HOW THE HELL YOU GONNA CALL DIBBS!!! you have plenty of saturn games Lol. Jeez you jerk.
  5. Yea I've been checking out the Saturn stuff on Ebay, damn!!!! Why'd it get so bad. How the Hell does inflation effect the internet so bad!?
  6. Ok so, some of you know, I'm trying to get into the Sega Saturn, but I'm having trouble due to the fact that I don't know spit about good Saturn Imports. Now I have an Action Replay but I'm still missing a controller, but I need help finding out what are good, yet cheap (cause I'm Poor) Platformer, Action-Adventure, or Shmups.
  7. Hmmm seems pretty cool for all you crazy collectors who have multiple consoles. The only thing is, it only seems worth it if you have a PS3, PS4, 360 and an Xbone. Even then I hope it's not too expensive.
  8. It's still a scary thought non the less. If my last dreamcast died on me... I think I'll die a little inside.
  9. I freaking love this guy, I watch Jim's videos all the time. He super blunt and stands by his opinions. We need more people like him in the gaming journalism field in my opinion.
  10. Have never seen the anime but, a lot of people love this series on the web, and now that I hear it's getting localized, thought u anime lovers might want to know. http://www.ricedigital.co.uk/steins-gate-ps-vita-ps3-coming-2015/
  11. I really don't know how to feel about this game anymore, my expectations are so low at the moment ├Čts crazy.
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