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basically, it is set in a fantasy-like world with a goddess, Vishnu, who represents everything that is good and whole. There are floating blocks of earth (dragonballzesque,) uncharted territory, and magnificent castles. However, some evil force is brewing amonst the ranks of vishnu's 7 or 8 protectors (i forgot the exact #.) Enter shurato and gai, his best friend. As a precaution, vishnu has sent her two best warriors to earth, memories erased. On earth, they are best friends. During a martial arts match, they are transported back. Shurato awakes, dazed and confused - his outfit has changed. He meets a little cute character, lilly or something and is attacked by gai out of nowhere. Gai has also changed outfit and now has armor styled in a wolf-like fashion. Gai now has unfamiliar weapons and massive strength which he controls like an expert assasin. Shurato barely escapes after finding out how to don the suit of his own - fashioned after the lion. The story goes on to show betrayal, trust, love, and action amonst the warriors. It's old, but quite cool.

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