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Bru's been having a bit of fun with his pulp on this one, its about 3 issues in and wiki says its only bound for 5, sadly, but its a surprisingly enjoyable title outta nowhere that the bendis board was on about, and iim waiting till its end to decide on getting the trade or not. Also says wiki:


The comic deals with former supervillain Zack Overkill, who is in the Witness Protection Program after giving testimony against his boss, The Black Death. While on drugs which suppress his powers (increased strength, durability, fortitude), he lives a boring "normal" loser-life as a file clerk.


Zack eventually realizes that a new drug he's taking to pass drug screenings is actually suppressing the drug which drains his powers. He soon begins wearing a mask again and searching for action in the streets and back alleys acting as a vigilante rather than a supervillian to avoid the "heat" while still relieving his boredom. While he avoids too much attention from law enforcement his actions still reveal to his old 'friends' that he is actually alive and they begin searching voraciously and violently for Zack.


I know we've heard/seen some of this before, but bear in mind the "boring normal life" shit here is with Bru telling the tale, not Millar. Similar theme, but its told differently enough where i dont read one and think of another. Worth checking out, and it also reminds me that i should check out Sleeper one day.

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You really gotta- it's a twisted meta-powered Infernal Affairs. rereading Out in the Cold right now(by the same team), really wanna dig up the rest of the stuff in trade. I have the first volume of Criminal- their first Icon effort, and can't seem to get into it though. Very keen to check this out though.

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