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World Series '09


Phillies vs. Yankees  

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True, but... there's two New York Baseball teams there Nick... The Mets, who are a good baseball team who do things the right and morally just way, and then there's those dirty bums from the Bronx who are there for the money because some asshole (Steinbrener) decides to spend more money than Saudi Arabia's GNP and buy up every talented, but greedy Baseball Player and put together a dream team of greedy players, especially ones like Johnny Damon who abandon their fans for the dollar... and then pumps them full of steroids like their boy A-Roid.



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i know the yanks get hate for that, but baseball runs off of free agents, man!

Steinbrenner did what a lotta other teams would've, and he hasnt run the yanks in years anyway, i think. if the braves and the marlins arent in the running, i got nothing on the table. go yanks!

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Eh, Damon might technically have been a Free Agent, but Boston was sure we were going to get him back. He had just helped break the curse of 86 years, even wrote a book about it that now sells for a penny because nobody wants it. He turned his back on Boston and went to the arch-rival team, the Yankees, the very team who had cursed Boston in the first place. Johnny Damon makes me sick, so I'm rootin for the Phillies. Well, that and they're Boston's biggest rival. And a bunch of store-bought-no-good-juicers. besides the Yankees need to take a good long break from winning

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