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is anybody else reading this? This book's crazy fun in the old Steranko 007/spy-type shit.


Team got introduced at the end of Secret Invasion, and the book's all plot/actiony so its not like the characters are horribly fleshed out just yet (its up to issue 9 or so now), you've got a teleporter, a sppedster, a magus, some other energy manipulation stuff and that blonde kid at the bottom of the pic is Phobos, god of fear - Ares' son. current arc is about his inevitable matchup with his old man.


The book starts on the reveal that Hydra had its claws in S.H.I.E.L.D. from the start, that Fury's squad was basically always compromised. Fury's deep underground, treating Osborn & H.A.M.M.E.R. more like afterthoughts (he's got the codes to all his old stuff anyway, heh), while trying to rebuild an army and take out the newly rebuilt Hydra team, including Gorgon, presumably dead at :D 's hands back when Millar was writing him.


In the background, Bendis is hinting at a shadow organization bigger than them both: Leviathan, the root of Scrorpio/Zodiac (classic Fury shit here), and its cool to see something larger than Dark Reign looming that only Fury's been made aware of. Seriously, i loves me some mad-dog Ennis Fury war books, but if you've ever dug the super-spy, flying car type of storytelling more commonly associated with the character (at least since the 70's), this is a really fun book here.

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thread resurrection!



so ive said before how i love, love, love Marvel's return to pulp & what that's done for my street-level vigilantes. and I may not follow the scene personally, but im happy that a number of you are getting cosmic stuff, too...hell, even comedies are covered these days, for the most part. But if Bendis is responsible for upping marvel's writing chops in stuff like DD & Alias, and Brubaker is almost single-handedly responsible for the quality of Captain America for years now, then the resurgence of awesome Super-Spy stuff is likewise the creation of one man, and that's Jonathan Hickman (with help from Bendis initially, says wiki).


Secret Warriors in the last few months has been near the top of my pile, and largely because while the team itself was getting more fleshed out, the book's been focusing on Hydra & newcomer Leviathan, as well as Fury's vision for the Marvel U. this month's issue was all about the Howling Commandos as a PMC, and talking (or not) about their actions with U.N. representatives was a lot more exciting than i'm making it sound here.


Moreover, Hickman's basically redesigning one of Marvel's core elements with S.H.I.E.L.D., only two issues in and already linking the agency back to ancient times...i'm not hooked yet, but sci-fi fans have to see the ambitious stuff he's going for here, its looking to be pretty game-changing.


what i like about the current direction/writers is the feeling i previously had of "ok, this is cool, wonder when we're gonna go back to status quo...", and that's not to say that we might not later (possibly in time for movies! :bananaman: ), but we're reaching a point where, frankly, I want Cyclops to stay running the X-Men (the controversial decisions he's made have made a huge gap between him & Xavier's old guard), i want Steve Rogers to stay heading the Secret Avengers and have Bucky be Cap...and while I was so wanting Fury back at his old post when Dark Reign ended, Hickman's showing me how much more awesome he can be when he does his thing without supervision/anyone to answer to.

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